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Life By You Will Simulate Every Second

Life By You Will Simulate Every Second

    Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Life By You plans to simulate every second of your character’s virtual lives. It not only limits itself to your playable character but also other non-player characters as well. Although it might not be much to think about, it does add another layer of depth to the game.

However, the plan to simulate every second of a character’s life does raise some concerns. After all, that would mean every character in your world is moving and “living.” Wouldn’t that also mean it would take a serious amount of hardware to run the game?

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What is Life By You?

Life By You is the upcoming competitor of The Sims. Leading the project is Rod Humble, the developer of Sims 2 and Sims 3. Paradox Tectonic is developing the game, while Paradox Interactive plans to release it by September 12, 2023.

The game is a life-simulator similar to The Sims. However, Paradox promised that the game will be more in-depth than its competitor. They also plan to offer an extremely detailed life-sim in a seamless open world.

You can also control an NPC at any time, allowing you to explore or tinker with their lives. Since your character exists in the same area, you can do anything the NPCs are doing and vice versa. However, once you swap to another character, the NPC will take the initiative and act on its own.

These include significant and mundane decisions. One day, your NPC could take out the trash and spend all of their time on sleep. The next day, they might fall in love, get married, and have children running around the house.

The game is exciting, and we look forward to the possibilities while playing. After all, an NPC could suddenly become the main protagonist while you’re not watching them.

Why Simulate Every Second?

Humble states that the game is a comprehensive life simulation going as far as modeling every second of a character’s life. The project head also explains that the characters can live up to 75+ years old in-game. There are also no loading screens to ruin the numbers about how much time passed in the game.

It also meant that the characters in-game needed to exist on the same time scale. After that decision, it finally ended with simulating every second of a character’s virtual life. However, it does not end with your playable character. It also extends to NPCs. 

Humble explained that most life simulators use loading screens to separate the NPCs. Once you travel to another area, the NPCs in other areas stop existing. If they remove that, the NPCs will continue to exist on the same time scale.

The game changes the entire competition for simulators. It’s a revolutionary game design that no one has thought of before. After all, it meant another layer of thinking about how NPCs live different lives. You won’t be able to expect what could happen while you focus on a different character.

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