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Lies of P Review: A Dark Reimagining of a Classic Tale

Lies of P Review: A Dark Reimagining of a Classic Tale

    Last Updated on September 21, 2023

Lies of P emerges from the shadows as a remarkable addition to the soulslike gaming genre, a realm known for its relentless challenges and eerie atmospheres. What distinguishes Lies of P is its intriguing source material – the timeless tale of Pinocchio, the puppet yearning to become a real boy. But brace yourself; this is not your typical fairy tale adaptation. Lies of P delves into the heart of darkness, reviewing Pinocchio’s story into something sinister and foreboding. 

While it shares some thematic similarities with classics like Bloodborne and Dark Souls, Lies of P stands apart with its unique narrative framework. This isn’t merely another entry in the grimdark fantasy genre; it’s a haunting reimagining of a beloved classic, infused with surreal horrors that would even give the Brothers Grimm pause. And with that, here is our Lies of P review.

Lies of P Review: Gameplay and Mechanics

The combat in Lies of P upholds the soul-crushing difficulty that soulslike enthusiasts crave. The level design is a labyrinth of traps, secrets, and adversaries poised to test your mettle. Each encounter could be your undoing, demanding calculated strategy and razor-sharp execution.

Yet, Lies of P introduces an innovative twist with its story mechanics. Players face a critical choice throughout the game – the decision to lie or tell the truth. This mechanic introduces an additional layer of complexity as well as strategy. A lie may provide immediate advantages, but its repercussions might emerge unexpectedly further down the road.

Lies of P Review: Gameplay and Mechanics

Navigating the user interface and menus in Lies of P will feel like second nature to soulslike veterans. They are designed with intuitive simplicity, allowing players to immerse themselves in the action and narrative without the frustration of clunky controls.

The character progression system in Lies of P is another facet that adds depth to the gameplay. Players can choose from a variety of skills and abilities to tailor their character to their preferred playstyle. Whether you prefer brute force, stealth, or magic, Lies of P offers a robust character customization system that ensures every player’s experience is unique.

Lies of P Review: Visuals and Atmosphere

Lies of P is a visual and atmospheric masterpiece. The decaying city where the game unfolds is a hauntingly beautiful backdrop, filled with intricate details that immerse you in its eerie world. The game’s art direction blends the mechanical and organic in a way that feels both otherworldly and strangely familiar.

Visuals and Atmosphere

The lighting and shadow effects in Lies of P deserve special mention. They not only contribute to the game’s overall atmosphere but also play a crucial role in gameplay. Manipulating light and darkness becomes a strategic element, adding depth to the already challenging encounters.

Lies of P Review: Analysis of the Storyline

Lies of P is a haunting reinterpretation of Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio, retaining the core elements of the original while plunging them into the abyss of darkness. The protagonist, no longer a wooden puppet, is now a mechanical entity wandering through a decaying city in search of its vanished creator.

The characters encountered along this eerie journey are unforgettable, each harboring their own enigmatic tales and hidden truths. The plotline unfurls with unforeseeable twists, leaving you in suspense until the climactic conclusion. Lies of P adopts a narrative style reminiscent of a psychological thriller rather than a traditional fantasy game. Here, the line between reality and illusion becomes increasingly blurred as the tale unfolds.

In a genre often defined by its punishing gameplay, Lies of P dares to place narrative at the forefront. It transforms the story from a mere backdrop into a driving force, shaping gameplay and influencing the choices players make.

Lies of P Review: Exploration and World-Building

The world of Lies of P is a labyrinthine masterpiece, inviting players to explore its darkest corners and hidden secrets. The game rewards thorough exploration, with each nook and cranny potentially hiding valuable items, lore, or unexpected challenges.

Exploration and World-Building

The decaying city itself feels like a character in its own right, with a rich history waiting to be uncovered. The environmental storytelling in Lies of P is masterful. It draws players deeper into the enigmatic world and encourages them to piece together the narrative puzzle.


Lies of P beckons players into a realm of darkness and deceit, weaving a web of gameplay and narrative that challenges and captivates in equal measure. As a soulslike game with a unique narrative twist, it offers an experience that is both familiar and refreshingly original. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the genre or a newcomer seeking a gripping tale, Lies of P is a dark journey well worth embarking upon. 

Step into the shadows and discover the truth behind the lies in this unforgettable adventure. But beware, every lie has consequences and every choice shapes your destiny. In Lies of P, darkness is not just a backdrop. It’s a living, breathing entity that will test your resolve and redefine the very essence of your existence. Are you ready to confront your own lies and unearth the horrifying truth that lurks in the heart of Lies of P? Nevertheless, the nightmare awaits.

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