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League of Legends Lore and Its Hype

League of Legends Lore and Its Hype

    Last Updated on May 29, 2023

The League of Legends universe is known for being one of the most lore-rich games. Players even read each champion’s lore as a form of leisure. They may even just be because they are hardcore fans.

So why does League of Legends lore get all the hype? Well, every champion has a role that is significant to their release; this also affects their skills and their interactions. 

Players get hyped over new champion releases because they always wonder what lore the champion has and what kind of connection it has to the game.

Let’s check out some of the famous  League of Legends timelines.


First up, we have Fiddlesticks, a living demon that harvests the fear of its enemies. Fiddlesticks has no true form; thus, he embodies a scarecrow and waits for victims in the fields of Demacia. 

The Demacian people believe Fiddlesticks is a fable and use his tale to scare children at night. But Fiddlesticks is real and feeds on the fears of those who doubt his existence.


Jinx, the loose cannon, has filled Piltover with terror. Her pranks used to be mild and harmless,  yet they turned into violent, full-blown attacks on the city. When Jinx was younger, she was a young inventor with overly ambitious ideas. Growing up in the undercity, Zaun influenced Jinx with the freedom of inventing, making her experiment run rampant throughout both cities.

To this day, her presence is huge on the radar of Piltover’s crime stoppers, Vi and Caitlyn.


Despite having a cheerful, critter-friendly, and forest-guarding personality, Ivern has an unexpected backstory. Once known as Ivern the Cruel, he was a fearsome warrior of the Frejlord. He believed that attaining the forest’s power would give him leverage in his battle against the Iceborn. However, upon reaching the forest’s source of power, the forest fought back, entrapping Ivern in the body of a tree.

A deep voice taught Ivern important lessons about the forest and what’s right and wrong. Now he is bound as a half tree and half man, protecting the forest from humans who plan to disturb it.

Loved the lore? Well, The Universe League of Legends official page features all of the champions and their respective lore. But be careful, you might not realize it, but you’ll be spending a week reading those as you dive into the League of Legends timeline.

Don’t like reading? Watch videos!

It’s normal for people to get bored with reading. We get it; lore is hefty and takes up so much time to read. It might as well only be good if you have tons of free time. Well, if you’re short on time and still want to dive into the League of Legends universe, a lot of videos on YouTube are made by content creators that focus on the lore of the game itself. They devote time to diving and researching the League of Legends universe so you don’t have to. This way, it’ll be more comfortable for you to watch and listen to them explain the lore. 

Necrit is a prime example of such a content producer. He produces detailed overview videos of the lore so that you can learn everything without having to search for each specific piece of information across various formats and platforms. 

Diving into the League of Legends universe may seem huge, but if you are interested, no large amount of text will stop you from learning stories from a video game you like. 

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