Is Valorant Mobile Worth the Wait?

Is Valorant Mobile Worth the Wait?

    Last Updated on December 27, 2022

Valorant is one of the most popular free-to-play fps (first-person shooter) games today. The 5v5 tactical shooter reached a peak player count of 16.5 million for its first two-year run. It also shows how much popularity the game achieved in a short time.

The game receives tons of support from PC gamers and mobile gaming enthusiasts. However, it begs the question: When is Valorant going mobile?

Well, leaks of the mobile version are all over different social media platforms. Recently, a screenshot uploaded by PlayerIGN contained a folder named Mobile. It has tons of files about Valorant inside. You can also find different information regarding mobile gaming in that folder.

When will the game be released?

We all know you are excited about this news but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. 

While Riot Games does not have an exact release date, data miners and other trusted sources estimated the release in 2023. The Indian caster Ocean confirmed as much during his live stream.

He also discussed the difficulty of Valorant for thumb players. As you all know, mobile games, especially FPS, require the use of thumbs. As valorant transitions to mobile, Ocean expressed his concern as the game is not thumb-friendly. 

Valorant’s agents have different abilities you can use as the game progresses. That means, on a mobile phone, you have to shoot and use powers. 

Unlike consoles and PCs where you can balance your fingers. Meaning it’s harder to get an ace on a phone. 

Valorant agents shooting each other

Ocean also said that if it were to transition to mobile esports, players must adapt to the 3—finger or 4—finger style. This means players will simultaneously use 3-4 fingers to run & gun, hack and slash and use the abilities of every agent precisely.

Valorant Mobile, I believe, would not be much compatible with thumb players. Because you will have to move, shoot, as well as use multiple abilities. At least you need to play it on a three-finger or a four-finger control setup if you want to enter the professional esports scene of Valorant Mobile.”


What Can We Expect?

Initially, the game will be published in beta testing mode, with access limited to a few countries and a small number of players. Once beta testing is completed, the game could be published in stages, with access granted to users who participated in beta testing for the publishers.

As Valorant continues to gain popularity, Riot hopes to mirror its success as it shifts to mobile platforms. Fans have been waiting for the game’s release and cannot wait to plant the spike anywhere, anytime. 

The gaming community is eager and cannot hold itself back. With a large number of mobile gamers, particularly in the Asia Pacific Region, Valorant Mobile will be more popular than ever.

Valorant Mobile may be released next year, or maybe the producers are also working double time to bring their players the ultimate experience —a killjoy 5-man ultimate. 

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