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Is Tekken 8 on PS4? – The Future of Tekken

Is Tekken 8 on PS4? – The Future of Tekken

    Last Updated on July 19, 2023

Tekken, one of the most beloved fighting game series, has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide for decades. As fans eagerly wait for the next installment, Tekken 8, many players wonder if it will be available on the previous generation consoles, namely the PlayStation 4. In this article, we delve into the possibilities and considerations surrounding the release of Tekken 8 on the last-gen platform. Wondering if Tekken 8 on PS4 is still a possibility? Read on to find out.

The Evolution of Gaming Consoles

Before we explore the potential of Tekken 8 on PS4, it’s important to understand the current landscape of gaming consoles. The PlayStation 4 became available in 2013, marking the eighth generation of gaming consoles. Since then, newer and more powerful systems, such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, have been introduced. 

Notably, the advent of newer consoles does not necessarily mean the end of the previous ones. However, they are now practically on borrowed time. A year or two after today and no one would bat an eye to see the PS4 finally retire.

Is Tekken 8 on PS4? – You Might Not Like It

Bandai Namco Entertainment, the developer responsible for Tekken 8, has opted not to release a version of the game for the PlayStation 4. This news may disappoint players who still utilize this popular Sony console. However, there is an excellent reason behind this decision.

Tekken 8 has been meticulously designed to fully capitalize on the things offered by the latest generation consoles. To be particular, the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. By concentrating exclusively on these systems, Tekken 8 can push the limits of what is possible and provide a far better gaming experience. Also, it will be unhindered by technical limitations.

Is Tekken 8 on PS4? - You Might Not Like It

Although the absence of Tekken 8 on the PS4 may sadden some fans, it is worth noting that the game will not only be accessible on the next-gen consoles but also on PC. PC gamers can rejoice knowing that they will have the opportunity to partake in the excitement and enjoy Tekken 8 on their preferred platform. 

However, the official system requirements for the PC version have yet to be disclosed. Thus, leaving eager fans wondering about the necessary specifications to ensure a smooth gameplay experience.

The Future of Tekken Moving Forward

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s recent move reflects the ongoing trend in the gaming industry. Major series like Tekken are now embracing the future of gaming on next-gen consoles. Although this might disappoint some players who haven’t upgraded their consoles yet, it signifies an exciting new chapter in gaming. It offers enhanced visuals, lightning-fast loading times, and a more captivating gaming experience.

By opting to exclude Tekken 8 from the PS4 lineup, Bandai Namco Entertainment is taking a risk from a financial standpoint, considering the large player base still active on the platform. However, this decision underscores the developers’ unwavering commitment to crafting a game that fully utilizes the incredible capabilities of the latest gaming hardware. It’s a testament to their determination to push the norms and deliver a truly immersive gaming experience to fans worldwide.

Final Words

To wrap it up, unfortunately, Tekken 8 won’t be making its way to the PS4. Instead, the game will be launching on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC. Yes, I understand that this news might be a letdown for PS4 players. However, the decision to exclude last-gen consoles ultimately allows Tekken 8 to truly thrive on the latest and greater platforms. As the gaming industry constantly evolves, it’s evident that the focus is shifting towards delivering mind-blowing experiences that push the boundaries of what’s possible. And this includes the Tekken series.

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  • Not on ps4? Yeah that’s the biggest let down of the year. I’m disappointed and to think I love the tekken series but fuck you Sony your shit is weak<

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