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Is Sephiroth Secretly a God?

Is Sephiroth Secretly a God?

    Last Updated on May 28, 2023

Everyone by now should know or at least have heard of Final Fantasy VII Sephiroth already. After all, he is one of the most iconic villains in video game history. What elevated him to that status, however, is his magnificent portrayal as the game’s main villain. He isn’t just out to create chaos. He firmly believes that he is the one true god brought to the world to reshape it to its image.

At first, players may think that he is merely being delusional. Perhaps he is a man that was corrupted by his desires thinking that he is born to do something far greater. However, what if he is right? What if Sephiroth is indeed a god in secret? Let us find out.

Sephritoh’s Story and Beliefs

Sephiroth’s terrifying yet tragic journey to becoming the game’s biggest villain began after he learned the truth of his origins. He learns that he is not human, but rather a clone of the ancient “Cetra” race. The Cetra were a powerful race that once ruled the planet, but they were wiped out by a meteor 2 millenniums ago.

This discovery significantly affected the once-loyal SOLDIER. He became obsessed with it and the Cetra race as a whole. He was consumed by the thinking that he is brought to this world with a greater purpose. Sephiroth fully believes that he is destined to lead them to a new age of prosperity.

With the thinking that he is a god among humans driving him, he feverishly studied the “Lifestream.” It is the energy that flows through all living things on the planet. He dedicated most of his time and efforts trying to turn this energy to manifest in the physical realm.

Sephiroth FFVII Remake

In the end, he believes that if he can harness the Lifestream, he will be able to become a god. Or maybe unlock his true potential as he is a god already? Nevertheless, he achieved god-like status because of this, becoming the strongest being in the game.

Having played the original Final Fantasy VII, you’d know that his plans will eventually be hindered by the game’s protagonist, Cloud Strife, and his friends. After a lengthy and epic battle, the heroes will succeed in defeating Sephiroth, the final boss. The confrontation is then cemented in video game legend by the iconic “one-winged angel” soundtrack.

However, before succumbing to death, Sephiroth was able to survive by merging with the Lifestream. He now vows to return one day and finish what he started.

Key Points about Sephiroth

Sephiroth’s rage and ambition to reshape the entire world comes from his inner desire to find a place where he belongs. After all, he was born in a laboratory and was raised by Shinra. They even made several Sephiroth clones in the hopes of making an armada of ultra-powerful SOLDIERS.

The Cetra race’s demise at the hands of humans further pushed this, turning him insane. Eventually, he is successful in harnessing the power of the Lifestream. Apart from giving him immense powers, he can now also create powerful creatures and weapons to help him achieve his ultimate goal of becoming the one true god.

Sephiroth’s story is a complex and tragic one. He is a villain who is both fascinating and terrifying. His complexities and motivations make him one of the most interesting villains in the Final Fantasy series.

Interestingly, Cloud was made to believe he was a clone of Sephiroth. While it was later confirmed to not be true, there are several factors that constantly link the two characters.

The Truth

Sephiroth, despite his overwhelming natural gifts and truly enigmatic persona, is not a god. He is but a tragic remnant of a long-gone race that was experimented on by a powerful corporation to make him all the more perfect and stronger.

At the end of the day, people’s initial thoughts were right. He is a troubled man pushed to the brink of insanity because of his skewed ambitions. Sephiroth is no god. Sephiroth was just like Cloud only that he wasn’t able to find companionship to help him steer his life the right way.

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