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Is Mobile Legends the Best Mobile Game?

Is Mobile Legends the Best Mobile Game?

    Last Updated on January 29, 2023

Is ML: BB the best mobile game? Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, famously known as MLBB, is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) that is available on mobile platforms. It’s a 5v5 team-based, real-time battle with other players.

Your goal is to defeat the opposing team by pushing turrets. Now you might think it’s just like any other MOBA game; why is it famous? We’re here to help you understand why it might be the best mobile game.

The Beginning

Twenty members of the Moonton staff continued working on their next project after the commercial success of their first game, Magic Rush: Heroes, in 2015. They reimagined the characters and developed a MOBA; they named it Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It was one of the first MOBA that was available on mobile platforms thus it garnered a lot of players in its early days. 

Before the game’s name was changed to Mobile Legends, Moontoon faced legal problems. Moontoon was sued by game developer Riot Games for copyright violations. The Central District Court of California has dismissed the claim due to forum non-conveniens.

Since then, MOONTON has updated its virtual characters and added unique gaming enhancements. Mobile Legends has developed since then into one of the most well-known and widely played


It was finally released in 2016 with 10 heroes available to play. It grew to 116 in the latest patch. The tales of each hero are connected and are set in the Land of Dawn, a fantasy realm. Seven different regions are present, each with its history, factions, stories, and personalities of various races. 

You will control the powerful units in the game, also known as heroes.  They can level up to level 15. They acquire skills that are particular to themselves as well. Just four skills are available to each hero. 

Heroes are killable, but they will always respawn at your base after a specific duration, based on how many times you have been slain. They can also perform incredibly well in good hands and poorly when played by an inexperienced player.

Heroes also benefit from the emblems and equipment, so set up your preparation right and build items according to the state of the game to grab those wins. Winning your lane means getting an advantage in the game, this should create momentum for you in taking over. 

Heroes correspond to each item. However, some items are not fit for a certain hero.


You are greeted with a decent tutorial as you enter the game. This tutorial is complete with everything you need to know to play. From turret pushing, creep score, jungling, objectives, and even the proper use of your skills. This tutorial is beginner friendly and easy to master.

To sum it all up, get gold and experience by defeating minions. You can level up your heroes, and buy equipment to get stronger with that simple task. To shorten the adversary’s respawn period, strive to kill the enemy before they can destroy your base. 

Assist your team in obtaining jungle buffs, and protecting turrets and teammates. You can also take out opposing turrets and heroes. 

Best Mobile Game MLBB

Why is ML: BB still relevant today?

MLBB still receives a lot of support from its players and sponsors. One of the huge factors why it reached its player base is because of the number of tournaments it has. These allow a variety of high-ranking players to showcase their skills and take the trophy and pride home to their respective countries.

Additionally, Moontoon started partnerships and offshoots. These partnerships have grown over time to include more intriguing stories and exclusive epic skins that players can buy. Bug fixes, new heroes, skins, game modes, battle emojis, and eSports competitions are all often added to the game.  

One factor is also because it is a free game, players are interested because of the access they have if they wanna try out the game. It’s also appealing in the eyes because each hero has tons of skins players can buy and choose from. 

Despite all allegations ML: BB still reigns supreme in the MOBA genre. You can definitely call it the best mobile game of this generation. If you liked this article, feel free to check out our website

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