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Is Ghost Recon Breakpoint Good?

Is Ghost Recon Breakpoint Good?

    Last Updated on December 31, 2022

Ubisoft first released Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint on December 18, 2019. Two years after the release of the latest installment of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon franchise, the verdict regarding this game is clear-cut.

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is what you expect from a Ubisoft open-world game. It has a lot of progression systems that reward your every move. A big open world to run, drive, or fly 

across, and outpost bases filled with enemies you can eliminate any way you see fit.

The sad part about this game is that it is literally what you would expect from Ubisoft. I agree that Ubisoft always does the same thing for its video games because it works well. However, it’s also that it feels a bit too familiar and is hard to get excited about. 

In this particular case, the game is also full of bugs, glitches, and weird design choices that can halt its momentum right when it seems like it is starting to be fun. What Ubisoft did well however is the world of the game itself. 

The Good Parts

Ghost Recon Breakpoint 4 man party

Just like any other Ubisoft game, Ghost Recon Breakpoint redeems itself with its world-building. The game is visually stunning, mesmerizing even. Geographically, the size of the Auroa map is massive and full of variety with swamplands, temperate forests, tropical jungles, lush green valley meadows, seismically jolted cliff faces, and snow-capped mountain ranges into the archipelago.

Ubisoft’s lighting technology is once again on point. The devs excellently placed near-future architecture that juts out of the earth like some kind of alien-gifted obelisks.

The opening hours you will spend on the game are also really strong from a gameplay standpoint. The opening effectively teaches you the intricacies of the branching skill tree, its straightforward four-option class system, and the branching, opt-in mission structure. 

Like Wildlands, you can play Breakpoint with four people. The company of your friends somehow makes the game more enjoyable than it might seem to be. However, in the case of those who wish to play this game alone, you might meet disappointment. 

It pains me to say that these are the only good qualities of Ghost Recon Breakpoint. As much as I would like to sugarcoat it, the latest installment of the Tom Clancy Games is just aggressively mid-level. 

The Bad and The Ugly

Ghost Recon Breakpoint stealth kill

Breakpoint caters particularly poorly to solo players. The AI companions who accompanied you in the earlier installment of Ghost Recon have been cut out completely, but the game doesn’t compensate for this in solo play. Breakpoint is not an especially difficult game, but there are points when it becomes punishingly hard to play solo.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint adopted a Division-like loot system, also known as “The Division’s loot system.” But the whole concept of loot is rendered pointless by how Ghost Recon’s combat works. Damage is meted out according to ballistics rather than level-gating. No matter how much armor someone is wearing, if you shoot them in the face, they die.

Ubisoft’s insistence on using the same formula all over again for almost all of its games is fine. In the case of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, it just felt uninspired and does not feel like it has much of its personality or a reason to exist, which makes it not very engaging even when it’s reasonably fun to play.

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