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Is Final Fantasy 16 Coming to Xbox? Everything We Know So Far

Is Final Fantasy 16 Coming to Xbox? Everything We Know So Far

    Last Updated on July 1, 2023

Console-exclusive games, at least in my opinion, will forever be a part of the gaming space. And while some may think the gaming landscape is much better off without it, I personally think it’s a good thing in the grander scheme of things. Console-exclusive games breed competition, and when there’s competition, games get better. Rival companies, for example, Sony and Microsoft, will constantly try to one-up each other with their respective console-exclusive games. This practically ensures that we, the consumers, will always have an excellent game to play one after the other. Now, who wouldn’t want that? This brings us up to the latest talk of the town, Final Fantasy 16. While many now enjoy playing it in their shiny PlayStation 5, one question remains. Is Final Fantasy 16 coming to Xbox any time soon? Read on as we answer that.

Will Final Fantasy 16 Ever Come to Xbox?

So, is it possible for Final Fantasy 16 to be released on Xbox consoles? The answer to this burning question remains uncertain. Although Final Fantasy 16 launched as a PlayStation exclusive for the PS5, it’s important to note that this exclusivity is only temporary. Square Enix has made it public that Final Fantasy 16’s exclusivity on the PS5 will only last for six months after its initial launch back on June 22, 2023. What comes after that remains uncertain as well.

Square Enix has not yet announced any specific plans regarding an Xbox release. However, the timed exclusivity arrangement suggests that the possibility of a debut on other platforms, including Xbox, may be on the horizon once the exclusivity deal expires. This wouldn’t be unprecedented, as Final Fantasy 15 was available on Xbox consoles right from its release.

Final Fantasy and PlayStation

The Final Fantasy franchise and PlayStation have shared a longstanding and significant partnership in the world of gaming. Over the years, this relationship has been characterized by a strong bond and mutual influence. Thus, resulting in numerous memorable experiences for players. PlayStation, with its powerful hardware and innovative features, has served as a flagship platform for many iconic Final Fantasy titles. The franchise found a home on various PlayStation consoles, from the original PlayStation and beyond.

The collaboration between Final Fantasy and PlayStation has showcased the technological prowess of the consoles, pushing the boundaries of graphical capabilities and immersive gameplay. Many of the franchise’s most beloved and critically acclaimed entries, such as Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and X, were released exclusively or initially on PlayStation consoles, solidifying their place in gaming history. 

Indeed, the Final Fantasy franchise owes a great deal of its success and global recognition to its support and collaboration with PlayStation. And for that, Square Enix is rewarding them with the opportunity to have their blockbuster titles exclusive to the PlayStation console. Games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake have become iconic PlayStation exclusives, leaving Xbox players yearning for similar experiences.

Personal Thoughts About the Matter

Is Final Fantasy 16 Coming to Xbox? Personal Thoughts

Personally, I don’t really see Final Fantasy 16 coming to the Xbox consoles. I believe that Sony is trying its best to keep the Final Fantasy hard-hitters, such as FF7 Remake and FF16, locked in an effort to attract even more consumers while also detracting some from its competitors at Microsoft. Going back to the start of this article, the gaming industry is a business at the end of the day. Yes, companies serve to deliver great games to consumers. However, they also want to rake in more profit than their rivals as much as possible. And that is what I believe we are seeing here with the newest Final Fantasy games. 

Unless anything goes bad in the relationship between Square Enix and Sony, it’s hard to imagine FF16 not going the same route as FF7 Remake. Final Fantasy 16, like FF7 Remake, will eventually be available on PC but on Xbox. In fact, I foresee the next Final Fantasy games to do just the same if everything stays as is. I just feel a bit sorry for Xbox gamers that so happen to be Final Fantasy fans as well. 

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