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Is Final Fantasy 14 Cross-Platform?

Is Final Fantasy 14 Cross-Platform?

    Last Updated on June 30, 2023

As technology advances, the gaming industry continues to evolve. Now, players don’t want to feel restricted by a single platform when gaming. Indeed, players are seeking cross-platform games more than ever. These are the games that allow them to play with friends regardless of their chosen gaming device, practically eliminating system preferences. One such game leading the charge in this aspect is Final Fantasy 14. It has established itself in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) genre while leading the charge in cross-platform capabilities. So, is Final Fantasy 14 cross-platform? Let’s talk more about it here.

Final Fantasy 14 is a Cross-Platform Game

Good news for gamers with friends on different platforms: Final Fantasy 14 supports cross-platform play between PC and PlayStation 4. This means PC players can team up with their console friends, and vice versa. However, there are a couple of things to consider. Both players need to be in the same data center. And if they’re not, a Data Center Transfer may be necessary. Take note, this costs an $18 fee. Additionally, the specific game version doesn’t matter as long as different characters are used.

For PC players, whether they access Final Fantasy 14 through Steam or another platform doesn’t affect their ability to engage in cross-platform play. As long as they are using a PC, they can play with both Steam and non-Steam PC players.

Final Fantasy 14 is a Cross-Platform Game: Gameplay

The game also offers cross-platform play between PC and PlayStation 5. Players on PC can connect with their friends on the latest PlayStation console, and the cross-progression feature allows for a smooth transfer between platforms without losing progress. By logging in with the same Square Enix account, players can retain their characters and overall progress.

Final Fantasy 14 goes even further in terms of cross-platform capabilities by enabling cross-play between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users. This means players can continue playing with their friends even if they upgrade their consoles. While the availability of the game on Xbox or Switch remains unknown, it is believed that it would also support cross-play.

Cross-Platform Play Limitations in FF14

Despite its impressive cross-platform functionality, Final Fantasy 14 has some limitations. Notably, players need to buy expansions for a second time when switching platforms. For example, if an expansion was bought on PC and the player decides to switch to PS5, they would need to buy it again on the new platform.

Final Words

Final Fantasy 14 sets an exemplary standard for cross-platform play. It successfully bridges the gap between console and PC gaming as well as different console generations. Although there are limitations to consider, the game’s commitment to providing a seamless gaming experience across multiple platforms is commendable. Whether players are embarking on adventures in the mysterious world of Eorzea or simply socializing with friends, Final Fantasy 14 ensures that they can do so regardless of the platform they choose.

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