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Immortals of Aveum – All You Need to Know

Immortals of Aveum – All You Need to Know

    Last Updated on April 16, 2023

Ascendant Studios fully revealed a new game called Immortals of Aveum. It’s a video game that offers a brand-new introduction to the idea of magic and FPS. The developers are presenting quite an ambitious idea to the gaming industry.

After all, it is a debut project from Ascendant Studios. Yet, don’t underestimate this impressive roster of developers. They have people from major video game titles like Call of Duty, Halo, and even from Borderlands. It seems to us that Immortals of Aveum might be a game pushing the limits of gaming.

How Will It Look Like?

Immortals of Aveum will do exactly what it hopes to bring— a combination of magic and FPS. The dev team will replace traditional weapons and replace them with spells in a militaristic-fantasy setting. It’s also safe to say that Ascendant Studios is taking bold steps in a new frontier, which could revolutionize fantasy-FPS games.

However, those are not the only appealing things in the game. It also comes with a unique, richly crafted lore that comes from impressive worldbuilding. That includes unique visuals, gameplay, and mechanics that might be overwhelming to understand.

Immortals of Aveum Gameplay

When Will Immortals of Aveum Release?

Ascendant Studios locked a date on July 20, 2023, for the game’s release date. However, the announcement of the debut game for the studio came earlier last April 13. It looks like the studio is confident in hitting its deadline for the release. We might also not experience any delays, expected or unexpected. 

Yet, only time will tell. After all, there might be unexpected circumstances that will force the studio to delay the release. So, stay tuned to the website as we bring you the latest updates about the game.

You should also note that Immortals of Aveum will release on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and the PC. If you’re looking to play on the PC, you can spot the game on Steam, EA App, and Epic Games Store.

It also means that the game will not be accessible to previous generation consoles. After all, it looks like the developers want to bring the best and latest software to newer platforms.

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