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How Will Final Fantasy 16 Summons Work?

How Will Final Fantasy 16 Summons Work?

    Last Updated on June 16, 2023

Final Fantasy 16 is without a doubt aiming to revolutionize everything we previously know about the Final Fantasy franchise. Apart from the obvious changes, such as the gameplay and narrative approach, Final Fantasy 16 summons will also be drastically different from previous Final Fantasy games. Instead of simply calling forth powerful creatures to change the tide of battle to your favor with a single swoop, Final Fantasy 16 summons may be reserved for epic clashes that are crucial to the game’s story. Occasionally, players may take control of an Eikon (the game’s term for summons) themselves and engage in giant, kaiju-like battles against other Eikons.

With that said, we cannot imagine the game letting us change to Eikons at will. We reckon they will remain as amazing set pieces whenever the game’s plot call for them. This change in how summoning works is likely due to the game’s focus on action combat. Furthermore, Final Fantasy 16 summons are now more ingrained than ever in the game’s narrative. Before, they were just mythical beings that add to the particular world’s lore. They are mostly not necessary to progress the plot—just complementary pieces. However, in Final Fantasy 16, they could just be the main characters themselves! They play a major role in Final Fantasy 16’s story as weapons of mass destruction that the plot seemingly revolves around them.

The Role of Eikons in Final Fantasy 16

In Final Fantasy 16, Eikons play a central role in the game’s storyline. Eikons are powerful and mythical creatures known as “Dominants” that possess incredible elemental abilities. People compare these beings with gods or legendary figures due to their ability to shape the world around them through their magic. Because of this, Eikons are sought after by various factions within the game’s world. The immense power and the potential influence they can exert are just something they can’t ignore. 

The protagonist of the game, named Clive Rosfield, finds himself in a conflict surrounding Eikons when his younger brother Joshua becomes the Dominant of the Phoenix Eikon. The Eikons in Final Fantasy 16 are not mere creatures that are easily manipulated. Rather, they deeply connect to the individuals chosen to become their Dominants. These individuals are known as “Blessed.” They possess a unique bond with their respective Eikons, granting them enhanced abilities and magical powers.

However, the power of the Eikons also comes with a great burden. The Dominants struggle to maintain control over their Eikons’ immense powers, and their existence often leads to political and personal conflicts, as different factions vie for control or protection of the Eikons.

The concept of Eikons in Final Fantasy 16 adds a layer of intrigue, conflict, and fantastical elements to the game’s narrative, shaping the destinies of the characters and the world they inhabit.

Final Fantasy 16 Summons Fan Reception

Final Fantasy 16 Summons Battle

It is clear as day. Both fans of the Final Fantasy franchise and casuals like the change in how summons is in the latest Final Fantasy game. Indeed, the new summoning in Final Fantasy 16 has gamers mostly excited. Perhaps more so than anything, fans loved the way how Final Fantasy 16 summons aren’t passive anymore. As mentioned above, they now play an active role for the player and the game’s narrative itself. Moreover, the new summons, albeit still familiar, looks visually stunning. So much so, that fans are starting to compare them to the epic kaiju battles reserved for high-budget movies. This includes Godzilla and Pacific Rim.

But, of course, there are also some that do not appreciate the significant change all that much. There are some gamers who are skeptical of the new system Final Fantasy 16 is moving forward with. Some worry that it will make combat too easy. Others, meanwhile, are concerned that it will make the game too chaotic. And they do make some great points, believe me. That said, Square Enix did a commendable job in not making Eikon battles too chaotic. Yes, they can be overwhelming to some, especially with the added realism provided by next-gen consoles. However, they aren’t messy enough to the point of confusion.

Overall, fan reception towards Final Fantasy 16 summons is mostly positive. The majority of gamers seem excited about the new summoning system and are looking forward to trying it out for themselves. And, thankfully, they wouldn’t have to wait for much longer for the next installment in the legendary Final Fantasy franchise. Final Fantasy 16 releases this June 22, 2023, exclusive to the PlayStation 5.

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