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How Many Heroes Are in Dota 2?

How Many Heroes Are in Dota 2?

    Last Updated on May 29, 2023

In Dota 2, it is the heroes that give the game its richness and depth of gameplay. These characters offer unique sets of abilities that introduce concepts of synergy and counters. It’s this complexity that breeds competitive spirit in hero-based games. 

There is an inherent problem with hero-based games, and that is the primary concern of balance. In the MOBA game Dota 2, balance is both a meme and design philosophy, led by Icefrog and Valve.

Most of Dota’s heroes age more than some people in the present time, with the first iterations in 2003. With Guinsoo and Icefrog overseeing the development, Dota found its iconic pool of heroes over the following years. When Icefrog remained the sole developer of the game, his style of balance proved to be a masterclass.

Dota’s lifetime is lengthy and storied, but in all the updates ever written, how many heroes are in Dota 2 now?

Dota 2 Strength Heroes

Image of Strength Dota 2 Heroes

The idea of a Strength hero could be a character that can perform frontline sponge duty. However, Icefrog didn’t limit Strength heroes to being dumb and slow characters. Some are symbiote supports, spellcasters, backline healers, or counter-initiators. 

The developers grouped the heroes in this category because of their primary stat. The same also goes for the other attributes. Strength points give these heroes more physical damage. However, the attribute also gives health regeneration to all heroes.

Strength heroes struggle to top off their mana, and are somehow subpar in armor. When these heroes are not strong after laning, they cannot do their tanking jobs well. Ensure their game and the hero will repay you with the enemy saying “RAIDBOSS!As of 7.32e, there are 42 Strength heroes in Dota 2.

Dota 2 Agility Heroes

Image of Agility Dota 2 Heroes

The characters here exemplify the peak of physical damage potential compared to the other two. Agility heroes fall into the archetype of “the damage dealer,” and see a high pick rate in the safe lane. 

Heroes in this category see little play in other roles, except for skilled niche players— like Sneyking’s support Mirana. Agility heroes gain damage for every agility point, attack speed, and 1 armor every 6 points. This makes them the perfect heroes to play the Carry position.

These heroes are known for their smaller health and mana pools. While it is their job to dish out damage, most are written to be vulnerable to burst damage. If you run Agility heroes, be mindful of the minimap, because the enemy might be out for you, the enemy carry. As of 7.32e, there are 38 Agility heroes in Dota 2.

Dota 2 Intelligence Heroes

Image of Intelligence Dota 2 Heroes

Intelligence heroes are as powerful as they are distant from direct confrontation. These heroes highlight the spell casting of Dota 2, from lightning to falling meteors. Midlaners see more Intelligence heroes due to some being level-dependent. 

When these heroes get their spells, it means Game Over in many situations. Apart from mana regen, Int heroes receive 1 damage per Intelligence point. Be careful when playing as an Int hero, because you might find yourself dying fast. Most heroes in this category don’t have a lot of armor and health, pushing them to the backline. 

Intelligence heroes benefit most from proper positioning. Their fragility is contrasted by their effectiveness, so protect them at all costs. Before 7.32e, there were 41 Intelligence heroes.

With Muerta added in this patch, the Dota 2 roster grows to 124 unique heroes. Most of them see the spotlight in professional play. Yet, the fans of the game love and adore all of them. Which hero is your favorite among them?

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