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How Long is Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

How Long is Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

    Last Updated on June 23, 2023

Final Fantasy 7 Remake, developed by Square Enix, has captivated both long-time fans of the original game and newcomers to the series. Not only was it a very solid game overall, but it also remains faithful to its original roots. One of the key considerations for gamers is the length of the game, as it determines the amount of time they can expect to invest in the world of Midgar. In this article, we delve into the question: How long is Final Fantasy 7 Remake to finish? Additionally, we will also be exploring the different aspects that contribute to the overall gameplay experience.

Defining the Game’s Length

The length of a video game can vary significantly, and Final Fantasy 7 Remake is no exception. It is important to understand the factors that contribute to the game’s length. This includes the main story, side quests, and additional content. By examining these elements, we can gain a clearer understanding of the overall gameplay experience and how long is Final Fantasy 7 Remake really.

Main Story Length

The main story of Final Fantasy 7 Remake focuses on the events that happen within the walls of Midgar. Comparatively, it is just a section of the larger Final Fantasy 7 story. In fact, the game, as comprehensive as it may feel, only covers approximately the first quarter of the original game’s story. On average, players can expect the main story to take around 30 to 40 hours to complete. However, this can vary depending on the player’s pace. Also, the difficulty level and willingness to explore optional content.

Side Quests and Optional Content

But, of course, exploring the world of Midgar goes beyond just the main story. Final Fantasy 7 Remake offers a plethora of side quests, optional activities, and hidden secrets that can significantly extend the gameplay duration. Engaging in these additional quests adds depth to the narrative and provides valuable opportunities for character development. Depending on the level of completion, players can spend an additional 20 to 30 hours on side quests and optional content. All in all, this makes the answer to the question of how long is Final Fantasy 7 Remake to finish all the more confusing.

Replaying and Difficulty Modes

Additionally, the game also encourages replayability through its various difficulty modes. After completing the game, players can tackle subsequent playthroughs on a much higher difficulty setting. Doing so offers a fresh challenge and the opportunity to further explore the game’s mechanics. Replayability can significantly increase the game’s length for those who wish to experience the game from a different perspective or aim for full completion.

DLC and Post-Release Content

How Long is Final Fantasy 7 Remake DLC Included

Since its initial release, the game has seen the introduction of additional downloadable content (DLC) and updates. The expansion, particularly Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, introduces a new story arc, which players can easily pour several more hours into. This includes new characters and gameplay features that extend the overall length of the game. However, it is essential to consider that DLC is not always included in the base game. They may require separate purchases.

How Long is Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Conclusion

Final Fantasy 7 Remake offers a rich and immersive gameplay experience, blending the nostalgia of the original with modern enhancements. Indeed, the main story can be completed in approximately 30 to 40 hours. However, completing the side quests, optional content, replayability, and DLC can significantly extend the game’s overall length. The game provides an extensive and rewarding experience for players seeking an unforgettable journey. As for how long is Final Fantasy 7 Remake is to finish, the answer ultimately lies in how you play it. 

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