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How Boots of Travel 2 Became a Relevant in Dota 2

How Boots of Travel 2 Became a Relevant in Dota 2

    Last Updated on July 11, 2023

The release of Dota 2 patch 7.33 sparked an intense reaction within the gaming community. This is largely due to its intricate and complex additions. The community even went as far as dubbing it “Dota 3.” It is a testament to the exaggerated response often seen when developers add new features. One of the noteworthy aspects to consider whenever a new patch is implemented is the impact it has on the meta. These changes are commonplace, with items and heroes constantly moving in and out of favor. In the previous patch, 7.32, we saw the dominance of the Lina meta, the Razor Bloodstone meta, and a rather mundane map control meta. Now, it certainly feels as if we’re in the Boots of Travel 2 era.

However, the latest patch brings to light a significant issue—the size of the map. With an expansive and sprawling terrain, mobility has now become the defining factor in gameplay. While Twin Gates and Outposts were introduced as means of navigating the map, they prove to be insufficient. Heroes require the ability to traverse vast distances. This emphasis on map control elevated Boots of Travel 2 to a crucial position within the 7.33 meta.

The Importance of Boots of Travel in the Current Meta

The allure of Boots of Travel lies in its ability to bestow “omnipresence” upon its owner. This item introduces a global threat, as it enables heroes to appear anywhere on the map. Back in patch 6.84, Boots of Travel 2 was added, granting a mere 20 extra movement speed. At the time, it was but a luxury item with limited utility. However, patch 7.31 saw a significant upgrade, reducing the teleport channeling time by one second. In hindsight, this change hinted at the possibility of a much larger map.

During a match between Team Liquid and Gaimin Gladiators in DreamLeague, Zai surprised spectators by opting for Boots of Travel 2 as his first item on Necrophos. Many considered this decision ridiculous, failing to anticipate its strategic value. Without foresight, Twitch chat, known for its reactionary nature, often overlooks subtle gameplay nuances. Zai’s choice of Boots of Travel 2 allowed him to be present in every team fight, ultimately leading other players in the match to adopt the item as well.

From my perspective, it appears that Icefrog, the game’s developer, had already envisioned expanding the map long before patch 7.33. Observing Doom players opting for Boots of Travel 2 when paired with heroes like Riki or Nyx, it becomes evident that this item serves as a clever design addition, preventing the need for heroes with built-in mobility abilities. By incorporating mobility into items, Dota 2 maintains diverse hero design—a contrast to the approach taken by other popular MOBA games like League of Legends.

What We Could Expect in the Next Major Updates

Current Dota 2 Map

In my opinion, the current version of the Dota 2 7.33 map feels incomplete. There are likely extra elements yet to come in the near future. However, complexity issues may be hindering their implementation at this time. For instance, I believe that the auras found in the jungles will undergo upgrades as the game progresses. Additionally, I anticipate the introduction of a mobility feature specifically tailored to the midlane, as Twin Gates has inadvertently transformed it into a dead zone.

To truly grasp the impact of these changes, I encourage players to experience the thrill of purchasing Boots of Travel 2 in a game and witness firsthand the exhilaration of playing at a fast pace on this patch.

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