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GTA 6 Vice City Leaks – Reliable or Not?

GTA 6 Vice City Leaks – Reliable or Not?

    Last Updated on April 12, 2023

There is no doubt in our minds that Rockstar Games wished to “confirm” their next GTA with a bang. Unfortunately, what they got is just a whimper. This is thanks to the supposed GTA 6 Vice City leaks that flooded Reddit and other sites last year’s September. Because of it, Rockstar was left with no choice but to confirm the forthcoming of its most ambitious endeavor yet. And now, with the cover undone, Rockstar felt freer than ever. They are now out to give gamers more teasers than ever before…or are they?

Countless gamers worldwide firmly believe that Rockstar is purposely leaving Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA6) breadcrumbs on their latest releases. There are now several threads online dedicated to piecing together these supposed ‘clues.’ A great example of this is the series of tweets posted by the well-known game leaker, Gaming Detective (@that1detetiv3). This madman pieced together what he calls official pieces of evidence of Rockstar teasing GTA 6. Take note that Rockstar, themselves, haven’t confirmed yet whether or not they are indeed teasing the next GTA.

In this article, we aim to take a closer look at all the evidence pointed out by Gaming Detective. Are they reliable or not? Let’s find out together!

Every “Official” GTA 6 Teaser

Gaming Detective posted a Twitter thread back on April 7, 2023, that drove GTA fans into a frenzy. In it, he discussed what he believes are the official teasers of Rockstar for its upcoming GTA sequel. According to him, the infamous gaming studio has been teasing GTA 6 for more than 2 years now. We were just too naive to notice them. Let us look at some of them:

The Downtown Cab Company Shirt Print’s Skyline

Gaming Detective noted that the shirt print on the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition’s Downtown Cab Company is a telling sign of which GTA 6 may be set in. According to him, it shows a unique skyline that isn’t present in any previous GTA game. Moreover, he notes that it resembles a Floridan or South American city skyline. This further fanned the flames of speculation that GTA 6 aims to return to Vice City.

Miami Helicopter on Rockstar’s Holiday Promo

Much like every gaming studio, Rockstar released a Holiday promo video to celebrate last year’s Christmas season. Innocent as it may seem, Gaming Detective saw this as yet another instance where the studio teased GTA 6. The supposed insider noted that the promo shows a helicopter model that resembles real-life Miami PD choppers. And again, that was evidence enough to believe that GTA 6 will take place in Miami.

The “See You Soon” Billboard

In GTA 3 Definitive Edition, there exists a billboard that has the phrase “See you soon.” What’s more, the word “soon” is written in the iconic Vice City colors: pink and blue. While this can be seen as something irrelevant, many believe this is yet another Rockstar teaser. Furthermore, Gaming Detective reminded everyone that the same billboard was used to tease the original GTA: Vice City back then.

Other Teasers Present in GTA: Online

Gaming Detective also pointed out that some of GTA: Online’s recent reworks and additions serve as teasers as well. Particularly, the remade eCola logo livery for the Hotring Everon and a couple of Vice City-themed liveries. The insider noted that these things were present in the aforementioned September 2022 GTA 6 leak, proving that they are indeed confirmed teasers.

GTA 6 Rumors: Reliable or Not?

Thanks to the infamous GTA 6 leaks of last year, everything that may seem but a coincidence can now be seen as a slight nod by the developers for the upcoming title. After all, the leak did take place in Vice City of all locations. Although Gaming Detective’s list of supposed confirmed teasers is compelling, take it with a pinch of salt. Remember, nothing is truly confirmed yet until Rockstar themselves say so. 

Are you convinced that GTA 6 Vice City is really in the works? Share your thoughts by commenting below! For more gaming news, visit our website today and follow our respective socials.

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