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Ghost Recon Wildlands Game Review

Ghost Recon Wildlands Game Review

    Last Updated on March 1, 2023

Ghost Recon Wildlands paved the way for Breakpoint. The Tom Clancy series from Ubisoft is home to iconic games and franchises. There is the Splinter Cell franchise, giving rise to the man known as Sam Fisher. Of course, the esports giant that is Rainbow Six Siege, driving tactical team FPS designs. 

Plenty of gamers know the series of games for its military-centric gameplay and its tactical scope. So, it also came without surprise that if you mix this with an open-world map, you get great results.

Undoubtedly, Ghost Recon: Wildlands is one in a long line of the Ghost Recon franchise. It also follows a group of elite soldiers with a mission of fighting a drug cartel. A team of 4 operatives deploy to a drug-ridden Bolivia plagued by the Santa Blanca cartel. 

The mission is to clean up the chaos and the continued atrocities committed by the cartel. This mission takes you to urban places, rural areas, and remote jungles.


Wildland’s Campaign starts with your team entering Bolivia via helicopter. Operation Kingslayer is a big op that ends with the killing of El Sueño. Now he is the boss, but won’t be visible until later, what now? The team takes out small-time figures first and works upwards from there. 

Gathering intel from places of interest in a region unlocks main missions in that area. Once you complete these missions, a “crown” mission appears. Taking up these missions also means killing the local buchon and progressing in the game. 

Underbosses are the next on the list, which follows the same formula. With some variations in eliminating them, there is complexity in approaching the missions. The heads of operation are underneath El Sueño, and taking down two heads can reveal the boss. 

Cleansing Bolivia from corrupt military and police alongside allied rebels is the true essence of the game. As strangers to this South American land, you need to navigate with care.

Ghost Recon WildlandsGameplay

Image of Ghost Recon Wildlands

If Wildlands is your first Ghost Recon game, you will definitely have fun. The gameplay also doesn’t deviate from other open-world military tactical shooters. Even more, there is the presence of guerilla and urban warfare in all stages of the game. You can also find options to remove HUD for a more realistic experience.

Your character has choices of driving vehicles on land, sea, and air. From the highest places on the map, a parachute makes it, so you can enter a location without any notice. Multiple options are available in trying to invade locations, and it shows in the game’s design.

You can call in rebel help if you make the effort to improve relations with them. Collecting resources across the map is incentivized since you are also looking for self-upgrades. Weapons and their accessories can be found everywhere, alongside character and team upgrades.

These allow your team to be more effective and dangerous. But the greatest bonus it can give is more options to approach problems.


Wildlands is a good game to play for fun. While the overall game leaves many to be desired, it is a great thing to commit time to. The story doesn’t quite capture a player that isn’t used to many storylines in their shooter games. That doesn’t dampen the experience, since the gunfighting and stealth make up for the lacking portions.

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