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Gentle Monster Collaborates with Blizzard for Eye-catching Overwatch 2 Sunglasses

Gentle Monster Collaborates with Blizzard for Eye-catching Overwatch 2 Sunglasses

    Last Updated on August 18, 2023

In a dazzling fusion of gaming and fashion, the world of Overwatch is about to meet the realm of high-end eyewear. In this article, we delve into the captivating details of the Gentle Monster x Overwatch 2 collaboration. This is a venture that promises to satisfy the cravings of both gaming fans and fashion aficionados. So, buckle up.

The Collaboration Details: A Fusion of Virtual and Reality

Central to this remarkable joint effort is a pair of Gentle Monster sunnies that not only shield your eyes from the sun’s rays but also channel the spirit of D.Va’s iconic MEKA headset. Radiating in vibrant pink and blue shades, these sunglasses boast lens colors that evoke memories of omnidirectional microphones. 

A touch of finesse comes in the form of a custom D.Va figurine, perched elegantly on the left temple. This figure, easily detachable, not only offers you styling choices but also serves as a collectible that celebrates your love for the game. Adorning a beautiful silver hue, the figurine is adorned with a bespoke in-game skin, adding to its allure. And as a final touch, co-branded insignias grace the opposite temple, while the inner side proudly bears the name “TOKKI,” a nod to D.Va’s iconic mech.

Additional Offerings: Where Fashion Meets Function

Beyond the limits of conventional eyewear, each pair of these special Gentle Monster sunglasses arrives nestled within a futuristic protective case, embodying an undeniably sleek and contemporary charm. Crafted with snap closures, these cases ensure that your eyewear is snugly secured. However, the allure doesn’t stop there. For those actively playing Overwatch 2, a pleasant surprise awaits. 

Gentle Monster Exclusive D.Va skin

Every pair of sunglasses is accompanied by a redeemable code. This unlocks the gates to the game’s fifth season, filled with fresh and exciting content. And to elevate the thrill, a select few lucky wearers may get even more treasures. This includes an exclusive, limited-edition D.Va gaming skin, infusing your virtual adventures with a renewed sense of excitement and distinctiveness.

Availability and Participation: A Challenge for the Aspiring and Creative

Now, the most riveting part – how can you get your hands on these limited-edition sunglasses? Gentle Monster invites you to partake in an Instagram filter challenge, an interactive avenue that bridges the realms of gaming and fashion. From now until the stroke of midnight on August 31, KST, the challenge awaits your ingenuity. 

Share your creativity through videos or photos, employing the exclusive Gentle Monster x Overwatch 2 filter. To ensure your entry stands tall, remember to tag and follow both Gentle Monster and Blizzard Entertainment. As the sun rises on September 4, a panel of judges will curate the most unique entries. These champions will be rewarded not only with captivating collaborative sunglasses but also with an array of extra add-ons.

Gaming and Fashion Unite

The Gentle Monster x Overwatch 2 project emerges as a vivid example of the profound connections between gaming and fashion. A symphony of color, technology, and creativity, this collaboration allows you to don your passion for video games on your sleeves – or rather, on your temples. It’s an invitation to traverse the boundaries of the virtual world and the tangible. Thus, seamlessly blending both into a fusion that is as striking as it is enchanting. So, heed the call, embrace the challenge, and get ready to step into a world where gaming and style intertwine!

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