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Games to Look Out for at the Steam Base Builder Fest

Games to Look Out for at the Steam Base Builder Fest

    Last Updated on January 27, 2023

Steam is kicking off another genre-celebrating sale with the Steam Base Builder Fest. It showcases a variety of games that feature base-building or construction mechanics in some way or form. 

The Base builder fest is underway, and it is already proving to be an excellent occasion. Especially for the fans of the genre who indulge in their mayoral dreams in some dirt-cheap city builders. As the name suggests, the Stean Base Builder Fest encompasses an array of genres. 

Steam has long been the number one sales platform for PC gaming. It’s also largely due to frequent sales that bring sizable discounts to thousands of titles. Larger sales like the legendary Steam Summer Sale and Steam Winter Sale span the store’s full catalog.

However, there are more focused events that tend to celebrate specific themes, franchises, and genres. These genres also include horror games, metroidvanias, and the extensive Warhammer franchise. 

How Long Will the Steam Base Builder Fest Last?

The Steam Base Builder Fest will run from January 23 to January 30. It is also celebrating all sorts of games that feature base building or construction. The event encompasses a broad range of titles. There are full-blown city builders like Cities: Skylines along with survival games like Valheim and Grounded

Although not typically classified as base-building games, titles like House Flipper are also featured in the event. They also have in-game construction mechanics that are appealing to fans of the genre.

Even Fallout 76 has shown up in the event, as the customizable CAMP system involves some minor base building. It also includes customization using materials players find out in the open world.

Now we move forward to the main event. Here are some of the games to look out for at the Steam Base Builder Fest. 

Cities: Skylines 

Cities: Skylines is the premier city builder in this post-SimCity world. While it is not the most strategically deep management game on the market, it still provides incredible tools for building the city of your dreams.


This game is not for the faint of heart. Frostpunk is for those who have always wondered what city-building games would be like if you could freeze to death in the middle of a bad winter – the answer is in this fantastic, intensely challenging strategy game.

Surviving Mars 

The game’s concept is pretty simple to grasp. Surviving Mars takes the city-building concept to Mars, where you have to serve the needs of colonists attempting to make their way on the red planet.

Two Point Hospital 

While Two Point Hospital is smaller in scope than the other selections here, it is also one of the quirkiest games you can find out there. Its robust simulation and charmingly goofball sensibilities make it one of the most memorable management games out there right now.

Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is not just a city-building game it is also a history-building game, and perhaps the most robust and intricate simulation ever to exist in the world of video games. The game is recently picking up steam, and this sale will surely increase its popularity.


RimWorld is often best described as the friendlier version of Dwarf Fortress, and it remains one of the best colony-building games out there. If you want a lighter version of Dwarf Fortress, this game is certainly for you.

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