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Game Awards 2022 a Night to Remember

Game Awards 2022 a Night to Remember

    Last Updated on May 29, 2023

The most awaited event of all gamers every year, The Game Awards 2022 has given tons of stuff to talk about. Perfect for the holidays! The Game Awards are an annual awards show that recognizes achievements in the video game industry. The winners are chosen by a combination of community and gaming publication votes from around the world.

Hosted by Geoff Keighly, the night was filled with success and satisfied every gamer eagerly waiting for it. Filled with trailers, game announcements, and funny interactions from the host and game developers; the night was a success.

Now we proceed to the part we love the most, and yes, that means “New Games!’ 

A bunch of world premier trailers for new and exciting games were shown during the awards night, which made everyone excited for their respective releases.  From MMOs to Arcade Fighting games, developers served everyone a bountiful gamer dinner.

Starting with Dead Cells getting a new Castlevania-themed DLC, Hellboy Web of Wyrd a hell boy game that is comic-based. If you’re into horror games, Post Trauma might just be the game for you.  Among Us didn’t leave any crumbs as well when it showcased a new Hide and Seek mode. Street Fighter 6  shared its first look and its 2v2 mode. But of course, when there’s Street Fighter, there’s also Tekken! Tekken 8 also shared its trailer alongside a few characters teases in the past few weeks.


Let’s jump into the main event, the awarding ceremony. Here are your Game Awards 2022 Winners!

Elden Ring Screenshot Game Awards

Bagging up 3 awards including the Game of the Year, Elden Ring takes the top spot! The game did well after its release, and many players enjoyed how it was created. But of course, an award-winning game means an award-winning company. FromSoftware inc. The developer of Elen Ring won the Studio/Game Direction award. What a night for them to get its well-deserved recognition.

It didn’t win the game of the year award but it sure won tons of hearts. Racking up to 6 awards, God of War: Ragnarok won the Narrative, Innovation in Accessibility, Action/Adventure, Audio Design, and Score/Soundtrack awards. Beating all other nominees is a well-deserved win for the game!

Arcane won the best adaptation, leaving all League of Legends fans happier than ever. As a fan myself, Arcane was deemed worthy of the award based on how it tells the story and its unique art style cinematography. Stray won the debut indie game award. All the cats, I mean the players and developers would be so happy to receive such a special award especially since Stray had been such a hype for the gaming community, who technically loves being cats.

And that’s a wrap for my Game Awards 2022 review, we appreciate every developer who created each game, to a forever supportive gaming community we hope that we get to play with every game I have mentioned. It’s another year away but I’m excited about what’s in store for Game Awards 2023. 

What are your thoughts about the Game awards 2022? Let us know in the comments and feel free to check out some of our other articles. 

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