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From Rap Bars to Street Cars

From Rap Bars to Street Cars

    Last Updated on December 10, 2022

You’re in for a treat! Today, we talk about stories in Gaming news. Most of the games we play, especially games we used to love in our childhood, will always give us nostalgia.

This is what happened to famous rapper A$AP Rocky when he collaborated with gaming company Electronic Arts to be part of the new series of their popular racing game, Need for Speed: Unbound. The game, released on December 2 and available on the PS5,  PC, and Xbox series X  showcased Rocky stepping out of a custom Mercedes 190E, which he owns in real life. He is also part of the game, as you can even race him!

Rocky also appears in certain events and challenges throughout the game. The vitality of his appearance in the game creates a more elusive and stylish experience for the players.

Growing up he was heavily influenced by retro gaming companies such as SEGA and Nintendo, but even though he grows fond of the new NFS game, he still loves the old games of the need for speed franchise. 

Having a soft spot for Need for Speed: Underground due to being a lot of players’ favorite, he thinks highly of it; As he thinks that Need for Speed: Unbound is just an extension of it. 

Along with his appearance are his songs too. EA managed not to put only Rocky but also his songs to the soundtrack of the game. He also mentioned that Chase Straight, EA’s brand manager, loved “Palace” and “Babushka boi.”

From retro games to rapping and now being featured as part of a game that he loved, A$AP Rocky achieved one of his dreams. He loved working with EA, and it was a long-time dream to work behind the scenes wearing green-screen suits. 

He’s also down to work on new video game projects.

Nudes for Charity

A picture of Markiplier

Mark Fischbach, famously known as Markiplier, broke the whole website when he released his set of nudes after teasing his subscribers for weeks.

I suppose you could say it’s for a “good cause,” referring to the horny people and charity.

In October 2022, Markiplier proposed to join the site OnlyFans under certain conditions. It was to propel two of his podcasts to the top of the audio streaming platforms’ charts, Spotify and Apple. With also the earnings of the page proceeding to charity.

Surprisingly, his fans didn’t disappoint. Fans were hyped and broke the website when Markiplier released his tasteful nudes. Thankfully, the page is now back up and running. Fans can now see the first set, with two more drops awaiting in the future.This time money from OnlyFans subscriptions will be going towards two charities: the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and the World Food Program, ” – some parts in his bio.

In our modern world filled with technology and many opportunities, it’s amazing to see how influencers and YouTubers like Markiplier use their viewers. His followers helped spread some good news to existing charities in ways we didn’t even see coming.

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