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Fire Emblem Engage Best Class for Each Character

Fire Emblem Engage Best Class for Each Character

    Last Updated on September 25, 2023

In the intricate world of Fire Emblem Engage, the key to victory lies in assembling the perfect team, and that begins with a deep understanding of character classes. With a roster of 36 unique characters in the base game, each with their own set of strengths and weaknesses, the choice of class is of paramount importance. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore each character individually, offering detailed recommendations for the best class for each. Whether you’re a seasoned tactician or a newcomer to the Fire Emblem series, this guide will empower you to make informed decisions and lead your squad to glorious victory.

Character Analysis and Best Class Recommendations

Fire Emblem Engage Best Class for Each Character

Let’s embark on a journey through the roster of Fire Emblem Engage, analyzing each character alphabetically as well as providing insights into their ideal class choices.

Alear: Divine Dragon or Wyvern Knight

Alear, with access to the unique Divine Dragon class, truly shines when you capitalize on their exceptional sword prowess and balanced character growth. This class aligns perfectly with Alear’s strengths. Alternatively, for enhanced mobility and versatility, consider promoting Alear to a Wyvern Knight for similar reasons.

Alcryst: Tireur d’élite

In the realm of archery, none surpass Alcryst. As the game’s premier archer, his ideal class is undoubtedly Tireur d’élite, which further enhances his already exceptional abilities. The class skill Luna triggers frequently, ensuring that Alcryst rarely misses his shots.

Alfred: Avenir

Alfred’s access to the unique promotion class, Avenir, sets him apart. His skill, Golden Lotus, acts as a game-changer by preventing 50 percent of physical damage. Furthermore, considering Alfred’s relatively lower speed, this class remains the undisputed best choice to bolster his defenses.

Amber: Paladin

Amber, a cavalry unit with a unique twist, thrives when fighting alone. As a Paladin, she excels in outpacing her peers and shining as a solo warrior. Keep in mind that she is most effective when not surrounded by allies.

Anna: Sage or High Priest

Anna’s remarkable magical growth sets her apart as a valuable asset to your team. When you acquire her, promptly promote her from the Axe Fighter class. Her true potential shines as a Sage or High Priest, where her magical prowess can be fully harnessed for healing and support.

Boucheron: Wyvern Knight or Mage Cannoneer

Boucheron benefits greatly from mobility and survivability. Begin by transitioning him from the Axe Flier to Wyvern Knight, significantly enhancing his mobility, survivability, and strength. Alternatively, consider the Mage Cannoneer DLC class, which swaps strength for dexterity, favoring hit rate and damage calculation.

Bunet: Great Knight

Bunet, arriving later in the game, excels as a Great Knight. While other mounted units may initially overshadow her, she remains a reliable choice for later challenges, thanks to her well-rounded abilities.

Chloe: Griffin Knight

Among the game’s best units, Chloe truly shines as a Griffin Knight. Her remarkable movement, speed, and avoidance as a flier provide unparalleled battlefield dominance. The ability to double enemies and traverse maps swiftly makes her an invaluable asset.

Celine: Vidame

Boasting high magical damage potential, Celine’s best class is undoubtedly Vidame. This unique class capitalizes on her magical prowess and utilizes the class skill Ignis to its fullest. With Vidame, Celine wields swords, tomes, and healing powers, a perfect fit for her impressive stats.

Clanne: Mage Knight

Although introduced early in the game, Clanne can maintain relevance by becoming a Mage Knight. This class offers enhanced utility in combat, ensuring that Clanne remains a valuable member of your team throughout your journey.

Diamant: Successeur

Diamant, a formidable front-line fighter, thrives in the unique Successeur class. With access to S-rank swords and the Sol skill, which triggers based on dexterity, Diamant stands as one of the game’s strongest combatants, capable of dealing and withstanding powerful blows.

Etie: Bow Knight

Etie, your initial archer, can address her low dexterity by becoming a Bow Knight. This choice enhances her mobility and combat capabilities, allowing her to contribute significantly to your team’s success.

Fogado: Cupidio or Warrior

Joining late in the game as a mounted bow user, Fogado excels with the Cupidio class. This choice retains his bow access while boosting his overall effectiveness. If you find his damage lacking, promoting him to Warrior is a viable option, granting him the ability to wield axes alongside bows.

Framme: Enchanter or Martial Master

Framme, your primary healer until obtaining the Ring of the Dawn Maiden, shines in the Enchanter DLC class. This supportive class enhances Framme’s innate Art proficiency and playstyle, allowing her to buff other units with items from a safe distance. If you don’t have access to the DLC, consider making her a Martial Master for alternative benefits.

Goldmary: Hero

Boasting incredible stats upon joining your team, Goldmary excels as a Hero. Her strength lies in her balanced defense and resistance, making her one of your top physical units. She can hold her ground against various threats, ensuring the safety of your team.

Hortensia: Sleipnir Rider

Considered the best healing unit in the game, Hortensia’s ideal class is Sleipnir Rider. Her personal skill, combined with the class skill World Tree, significantly bolsters her healing abilities. With extremely high resistance, she can even withstand magical attacks from Wind magic wielders.

Ivy: Lindwurm

Ivy’s unique Lindwurm class is a perfect fit for her. This class enhances her magical capabilities, mobility, and speed, allowing her to frequently double opponents on the battlefield. Ivy’s access to healing staves adds another layer of versatility to her role.

Jade: General

Jade initially joins your team as an Axe Armour unit, and there’s no alternative route for her promotion besides becoming a General. While this choice leaves her vulnerable to magical attacks, her formidable physical defense and damage output compensate for this weakness.

Jean: High Priest

Jean, often referred to as the archetypical Villager in Engage, possesses a personal skill that increases growth rates. To maximize his potential, promote him to a High Priest since his overall growth rates remain modest. As a healer, keeping him away from the front lines is the wisest strategy.

Kagetsu: Swordmaster

Kagetsu, a pre-promoted unit, thrives in the Swordmaster class. His high damage output, exceptional speed, and solid defenses make him a formidable presence on the battlefield. Kagetsu’s skills in this class make him an excellent choice for duels and swift assaults.

Lapis: General

Although Lapis could potentially become a Swordmaster, her strengths lie elsewhere. Promote her to General to address her poor defense and balance her stats more effectively. This choice makes her a well-rounded, versatile unit capable of holding her own in various situations.

Louis: General

Louis’s default class as an Axe Armour aligns with his natural promotion to General. While his resistance remains a weak point, his physical defense becomes incredibly high, making him a valuable asset in later maps where physical threats abound.

Mauvier: Royal Knight

With high damage, resistance, and defense, Mauvier finds his ideal role as a Royal Knight. In this class, he deals as much damage as he receives, creating a formidable front-line support character. Additionally, his ability to use staves for healing further enhances his utility.

Merrin: Wolf Knight

Merrin stands out as one of the few units suited for the Wolf Knight class. Her remarkable speed and movement, in addition to access to swords, make her a versatile combatant. The Hobble skill, unique to this class, excels at keeping enemies locked down.

Panette: Berserker or Mage Cannoneer

Panette ranks among the strongest physical units in the game, capable of delivering and withstanding powerful blows with her high HP. The Berserker class is an excellent choice, capitalizing on her strength. Similarly, the Mage Cannoneer DLC class also suits her well, considering her slightly lower dexterity. With her personal skill, Panette can nearly achieve a 100 percent critical hit rate.

Pandreo: Sage or Mage Knight

Although perhaps not the most likable character, Pandreo shines as one of the game’s strongest mage units. Upon acquiring the S-rank tome Nova, promoting him to a Sage is the logical choice. The Mage Knight class offers enhanced mobility but slightly reduces his damage output, making it a suitable alternative.

Rosado: Wyvern Knight

Rosado, another pre-promoted unit as a Wyvern Knight, remains a powerhouse flier throughout the game. His increased mobility, strength, and survivability make him a formidable adversary, particularly against lance-wielding foes.

Sapphire: Warrior

Sapphire, joining your team later in the game, excels in the Warrior class. This class capitalizes on her damage capabilities and grants access to bows, enhancing her versatility. Indeed, her robust performance on the battlefield makes her an invaluable asset.

Seadall: Dancer

Seadall, the sole Dancer in the game, must never be promoted away from this unique class. Dancers are exceptionally powerful in Fire Emblem games, allowing units who have acted to take another turn. Despite his unimpressive stats, Seadall’s utility is immeasurable and can turn the tide of battles in your favor.

Timerra: Picket

Timerra’s unique class, Picket, is undoubtedly her best choice. With high strength, dexterity, and defenses, she excels in various roles on the battlefield. While she may not excel in any particular area, her class skill can significantly enhance her damage output. Additionally, her access to S-rank lances adds versatility to her toolkit.

Veyle: Fell Child

Veyle’s unique class, Fell Child, is tailored to her strengths. As the only character capable of wielding the Misericorde dagger and Obscurité tome simultaneously, this class is the only viable choice for her. Embrace her unique capabilities and wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Fire Emblem Engage Best Class for Each Character Final Thoughts

Armed with these insights into the best class choices for each character, you are better prepared to conquer the challenges of Fire Emblem Engage. Remember that success on the battlefield hinges on strategic decision-making. Choose wisely, adapt to the evolving circumstances, and may your journey be filled with glorious victories as well as unforgettable experiences.


In Fire Emblem Engage, the choice of class for each character plays a pivotal role in your journey to victory. Understanding their unique strengths and weaknesses is essential for assembling a formidable team. As you embark on this tactical RPG adventure, keep these class recommendations in mind to optimize your squad’s potential. Nevertheless, experiment, strategize, and lead your team to triumph in this captivating world of strategy and combat.

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