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Expensive Dota 2 Items You Need to Buy

Expensive Dota 2 Items You Need to Buy

    Last Updated on March 5, 2023

Expensive Dota 2 items can make a huge impact on your games. Most MOBA games employ gold and experience to make player characters stronger. To translate these into power means training abilities, and buying items. No, we don’t mean cosmetic items, but the ones your hero buys to improve themselves. 

These items add layers of depth and skill to MOBAs and choosing the right one often wins games. Thus, item builds are another skill expression that doesn’t get recognition.

Dota’s game items have the distinction of being interconnected, single-purpose items. Some give you simple things like movement speed and stats, and some give confusing bonuses. Disables and counters also highlight the importance of smart item choices. 

Other items bolster the capabilities of the teammates and give unique auras. These items are dubbed luxury items, and their place is on the heroes with deep pockets of yellow.

What even are Expensive Dota 2 Items?

A hero in Dota 2 has a guide made by Valve on what expensive Dota 2 items to buy. Though it is only a guide, a player is free to be creative and make their own choices. Beginners are spared the idea of creating their builds, hence the guides. 

These builds enable the peak strength of the hero the player chose. Agility-carry heroes build damage and survivability items in the guide. Strength offlane heroes build durable and initiation items. Intelligence midlane heroes build spell damage amplification items.

What about the timeframe when the guide items fall off and become ineffective? Enter the luxury items which Dota has designed well over the years. These items give an edge over the enemy by buffing your strength or countering an enemy. When purchasing a luxury item, be mindful of its overall impact and acquisition difficulty.

Expensive Items Acquisition

These items belonging to luxury are expensive for good reason. When the game arrives at a point where item choices make the difference, things get interesting. In the TI9 finals, Topson Gyrocopter bought Diffusal Blade in what is a clever counter to Bristleback. 

At the end of that game, it was solving the BB spellcasting problem that won OG that game vs Liquid. Yet Diffusal isn’t a luxury in general, but it was for that certain game. 

Luxury items can be anything that solves a game problem. Ethereal Blade counters physical burst damage. Linken’s Sphere counters single-target spells. Aghanim’s Scepter counters both items if Doom buys it after their purchase. 

This ruthless cycle of counters is what makes Dota complex. There is no true be-all, end-all luxury item, even if the item is called Divine Rapier. But if any player wants a good solution to most trash in the game, the item is Black King Bar.

Interesting Luxury Choices

Image of Expensive Dota 2 Items Effects

This portion delves into expensive Dota 2 items that have a great impact on the game. Players in the later stage of the game try to find an edge over the enemy. Looking at what the team needs, they can go down many paths. 

If their hero has high-impact big cooldown spells, they buy Refresher Orb. If enemies have a strong passive ability, they pick up a silver edge. When the healing is too much, get the Eye of Skadi, Spirit Vessel, or Shiva’s Guard. Even Blink Dagger has three reskins now—experiment with them!

These powerful items can bring fun to any game, but make sure that you try to win with them. If you liked this article, check out others on our website. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest Dota 2 news.

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