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Everything We Know From the New Marvel’s Spiderman 2 Trailer

Everything We Know From the New Marvel’s Spiderman 2 Trailer

    Last Updated on May 27, 2023

The recently held PlayStation Showcase did not disappoint. It was filled with several exciting announcements, giving gamers a glimpse of the bright future ahead for the industry. That said, as many have expected already, the main event was reserved for the upcoming sequel to Insomniac’s excellent superhero game series, Marvel’s Spiderman 2. Here is everything we know about the game after the release of its new extensive trailer.

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Marvel’s Spiderman 2: What We Know So Far

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the upcoming sequel to the critically acclaimed 2018 game Marvel’s Spider-Man. The game is being developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is said that Marvel’s Spiderman 2 release window will be this coming fall 2023; we are yet to receive a conclusive date. It will release exclusively for the PlayStation 5, but a PC port is heavily rumored to come sometime in the future.

The new trailer for the highly-anticipated game focused heavily on the new villain in the series, Kraven the Hunter. In it, we see Peter Parker and Miles Morales struggle to take on the conniving hunter and his goons as they wreak havoc on New York City looking to capture Doctor Connors, the Lizard. The trailer also shows off some of the game’s new gameplay mechanics and a revamped version of the series’ trademark swinging system. 

However, what undoubtedly captured the interest of many is the inclusion of Spiderman’s iconic “venom” black suit. In the trailer, Parker was shown donning the suit, dispatching Kraven’s goons left and right using the symbiote. It is also worth noting that he is shown to be more aggressive, reckless, and angry using the black suit.

While it is already confirmed that Venom will be featured in the upcoming game, the inclusion of the venom suit is a clear indication that Spiderman’s nemesis will play a huge role in the game’s narrative. Perhaps more so than we initially expected.

All in all, the trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has been met with a lot of excitement from fans. The game looks like it will be a worthy sequel to the original, and it’s sure to be a hit with fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel’s Spiderman 2: Confirmed Key Features

Marvel's Spiderman 2 Kraven the Hunter

Here are some of the confirmed key features of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2:

  • The game will feature two playable characters: Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Contrary to the initial rumors, the game will not feature any co-op elements. It will be a single-player experience where players are able to switch control from one Spiderman to the next.
  • An imposing new villain. The trailer heavily focused on Kraven the Hunter. It positions him as one of, if not the main villain of the new game.
  • New gameplay mechanics. Apart from the aforementioned symbiote powers Peter Parker can utilize using the venom suit, Miles was also shown showcasing new abilities. The two Spidermans will also have new gadgets to effectively dispatch their enemies more so than before.
  • Stunning visuals. The game will take advantage of the PlayStation 5’s hardware to deliver stunning visuals
  • An Epic story. The game will continue the story of Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they face off against their most dangerous enemies yet

Marvel’s Spiderman 2 is shaping up to be a must-have game for any fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Insomniac’s game series, and Spiderman in general. The future of the superhero game genre has never looked this bright, and it’s all thanks to this game. Without a shadow of a doubt, Marvel’s Spiderman 2 will be among a lot of people’s most-anticipated titles. It is certainly in ours.

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