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Easter Eggs in Games? Yes Please!

Easter Eggs in Games? Yes Please!

    Last Updated on December 15, 2022

Easter Eggs in video games are so common nowadays that gamers always love digging stuff just to find them. Who would not love simply going on an Easter egg hunt? Adventuring along the vast open fields, struggling to find anything out of nothing, and then finally stumbling upon something interesting.

These eggs that we all know and love offers something more profound than the game itself. Sometimes it’s just a funny joke, a reference to another video game, or something explaining the story. 

The eggs are now almost a standard feature in many games. Developers are used to hiding things in the game while designing them. Players can always find them all, especially now with social media and information is widespread wherever you go. 

Whatever an easter egg is, we owe it all to the wonderful and thoughtful developers out there. They just wish to leave something special in each game that we all love.

Easter Eggs? What are those?

Easter Eggs

To the new gamers out there, you probably do not know what an easter egg in a video game means. Simply put, the eggs are “secrets” hidden in the game. The game makers leave them for players during the game design process. It can be messages, items, extra quests, or any other hidden designs.

Usually, these secrets are irrelevant to the main storyline. It mostly does not affect the way you play the game that much. They are just elements of the video game that serves as a cherry on top. The feature itself is a treat for all the gamers out there. Especially the completionists who love to see through everything the game has to offer. 

Why Easter Eggs are Important?

The eggs we find in games are unimportant when you look at them logically. However, eggs provide something meaningful to gamers and developers. It is always fun to see something new in our favorite video games, especially knowing that it’s not needed for the game to progress. 

Easter eggs are usually just elements the developers decided on a whim. The hidden secrets in a game frequently contain something personal about the developer who put it there in the first place. Knowing this just highlights how wholesome the gaming community is, and it assures us that the developers themselves are gamers just like us. 

These added extra hidden elements in a game feel just like little drops of love from the developers themselves to our gamers. Personally, the eggs in every game serve as a bridge of connection between myself and the developers. I appreciate that little extra effort that goes along with implementing eggs in a game. 

The eggs in-game designs bring that extra satisfaction points in surprising players. When players have established expectations for the game, players will have a strong sense of surprise if the results in the experience process far exceed their expectations. 

For game designers, if they add some elements to the game like Easter eggs, the designer will have a more personal connection with the game and will be more attentive to it. It’s like your own game and the part you designed on your own, not just a game development project you’re involved in.

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