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Dota Heroes with Interesting Lore

Dota Heroes with Interesting Lore

    Last Updated on March 19, 2023

The universe of Dota lore is intricate and complicated, while full of Dota heroes. There are no ways to go about the narrative without needing to understand some things first. From cosmic beings to mundane folk heroes, something is interesting to find. While all heroes live progressively into their hero transition, it is not always the same. 

Some heroes are peculiar, even in the weird universe of Dota. Here are some heroes that we think are quite fascinating, or odd, to know. You can also check out more articles like this one on our website. We talk about everything and anything gaming to help gamers worldwide.


Image of Dota Heroes Pugna

The story of Pugna is one of macabre and sick humor. In the Nether Reaches, a lamasery of the arts of Oblivion stood, which drew power from nether energies. The academy within is also without a master, and its agents were adamant about searching for his reincarnation.

At 13 months old, Pugna was given a test by the agents alongside other children. The story’s ending also saw him become the grandmaster of nothing, as he burned all that surrounded him in 5 years.

His relationships also include the Netherdrake Viper. As an elder mage, he undoubtedly took Viper as a pet and used him as a dummy for his new spells. Viper wanted none of that, and he broke himself free and turned Pugna into his appearance now in the process.

In this continuity, it is implied that Pugna and Viper had a non-sexual D/S relationship. Pugna is an older, powerful being, but he retains some childish behaviors.


Image of Dota Heroes Clinkz

What happens if you get forever at the end of your life? Clinkz’s name is more than just a reference to the sound bones make. He is also the damned protector of the Hoven, under the leadership of Sutherex, the King-Mage.

Clinkz wasn’t always a fiery skeleton. He was once a mortal being like those he protects now. In the heat of battle, Clinkz released a shot that would seal the Demon Maraxiform’s fate and his own. 

As his arrow killed the demon, Clinkz was undoubtedly in the process of burning alive. Unknown to Clinkz, the King-Mage also cast a spell that gave eternal life to the demon’s killer. Clinkz’s fate is sealed, and his body is ablaze in eternal pain and rage.

No longer flesh, Clinkz also renewed his service to the King-Mage and became Hoven’s sworn protector. Any enemy who terrorizes the Hoven meets the Bone Fletcher, burning in the fires of the demon it killed.


Image of Huskar Dota 2

For the people of the Order of Dezun, rituals, and combat are the way of life. The likes of Huskar, the Sacred Warrior, commit themselves to rituals and combat the order sanctions them with. When it came time for Huskar to meet his glorious end, the prodigy Dazzle brought him back to life. Huskar grew to dislike Dazzle for denying him the birthright of holy sacrifice, a place amongst the gods. 

But like Dazzle, Huskar changed when he returned from the Nothl realm. His blood also became a source of great power, turning him into a nigh-immortal being. With his birthright lost, he undoubtedly now uses his power to meet his agendas.

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