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Dota 2 Tier List for Position 1

Dota 2 Tier List for Position 1

    Last Updated on February 25, 2023

If you’re looking for a Dota 2 Tier List, you’ve come to the right place. Two kinds of players exist in live service games at any given time. One side of the pie understands the state of the game and plays with it. 

The other half is composed of players who innovate and stay off the popular trends. However, professional player trends tend to see much analysis and scrutiny from the community. The hero uses that gets more coverage is the prime pick for a Position 1 Dota 2 Tier List.

The carry position gets high coverage due to many players queuing for it in games. Carry players have a deep obsession with the aspect that allows them to, well, carry. Games are determined due to a carrier’s performance. 

If the player does their work, the game is good, but if they can’t deliver, then it is terrible. Heroes for this role have evolved, but the goal is the same: carry the game.

Consider This…

Ursa is the iconic hero plastered next to Roshan’s art. His physical damage against durable heroes cannot be ignored in fights. The flaw of Ursa is his inability to farm fast, so battle fury can solve all the problems.

If left unchecked, Ursa can wreak havoc in the backline with rapid physical damage. Needing a setup, Ursa can takedown any hero from full health.

Nature’s Prophet is iconic for its contributions to Dota’s most iconic TI run with split pushes. The amount of map pressure you can impose is enough to split the enemy movement. His kit involves taking and helping fights from far distances.

His powerful talent of sprout leash makes him a counter for slippery heroes like the Spirits, Puck, and Slark. If his team can fight 4v5, you can bet the Prophet is lurking in another lane ready to split.

Believe In…

Naga Siren is for those who can control more than two units. Illusions are the name of the game, and they give her farming speed. The passive riptide clears camps and waves with attack speed. When she fights against heroes, she can overwhelm targets with the minus armor. Overall, she is technical but with enough practice, she can win you the game.

Marci is in every sense a scary carry. One of the recent additions, she found her way to a traditional position 3. During the winter tour, she saw a spotlight on carry with a battle fury purchase. She can still output the same damage from this role, only this time she can farm.

Abuse This…

Without any dispute, Lina is this version’s top carry pick. Sometime before the winter tour, players understood Lina’s physical potential. She appeared as a midlaner for her magic damage and global presence in TI11. Players picked up Falcon Blade, and straight into a maelstrom purchase. Her passive enables her physical damage, coupled with her range.

Drow Ranger is on this level for the same reason. She always has a place in the carry discussion for her reliable ranged DPS. If the enemy is unable to shut down her early game, she will take over at rapid speed. Drow capitalizes against a lineup without gap closers, much like a sniper. 

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