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Dota 2 Shocker: Former Team Empire Member’s Match-Fixing Confessions 

Dota 2 Shocker: Former Team Empire Member’s Match-Fixing Confessions 

    Last Updated on August 29, 2023

As we inch closer to The International 2023, the competitive Dota 2 community finds itself shaken by startling match fixing confessions. Particularly, from former Team Empire player Arslan “Xannii” Shadzhanov. Xannii’s confessions to opting to match fixing temptations have sent ripples through the gaming world. Thus, raising significant concerns about the integrity of professional esports.

The Struggles that Led to Temptation

In a candid interview with Escorenews on August 25, Xannii revealed his long-standing financial problems throughout his professional career. These financial woes, he confessed, ultimately pushed him down the dire path of match fixing. What makes this exposé particularly troubling is that it unfolded shortly after his entry into the famous esports organization, Team Empire. These unexpected match fixing confessions threaten to tarnish the reputation and prestige historically associated with the Team Empire brand.

Team Empire’s Hopes Dashed

Reflecting on their shared journey within Team Empire, Xannii’s former teammate, Jamshid “jAM3S” Abdurashitov, recalled a time when the team held great promise. Their synergy was growing, and the team harbored high hopes for their future. However, the positive momentum came to a screeching halt. This is as soon as the harsh reality of Xannii’s match fixing confessions came to light.

Xannii’s match fixing confessions detailed two matches he manipulated, but jAM3S painted a broader picture of the consequences. Following a match against HYDRA, the team began to connect the dots, revealing a deeper understanding of allegiances within the squad. Friendships blurred into rivalries, and trust crumbled.

Swift and Severe Fallout

The fallout from these match fixing confessions was swift and brutal. Team Empire made the drastic decision to part ways with the entire roster, which included jAM3S and Xannii. Moreover, they suspended their Dota 2 operations indefinitely after a failed attempt to regain a spot in the lower division of the EEU DPC.

Confronting Esports’ Darker Side

This incident has cast a harsh spotlight on the darker side of esports. It forces the community to confront the unsettling reality of match fixing in the competitive scene. It also raises pressing questions about the future of Team Empire’s Dota 2 operations. This is on top of the great impact on the players involved. Fans and followers now anxiously await the next chapter in this tumultuous saga, hoping for redemption and a return to the integrity that defines competitive gaming.

The Road Ahead for Dota 2 and Team Empire

The issue around Xannii’s match fixing confessions serves as a stark reminder of the challenges that esports must navigate as it continues to grow in fame. It’s a call to action for the entire community to safeguard the integrity of competitive gaming. The fallout has left Team Empire at a crossroads, prompting soul-searching about their Dota 2 operations and the path forward. In this uncertain landscape, Dota 2 esports fans remain hopeful for a future where trust is restored, lessons are learned, and the competitive spirit prevails once more.

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