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Dota 2 Gaming Gear for You

Dota 2 Gaming Gear for You

    Last Updated on January 25, 2023

Gaming gear can help your already versatile PC. It is capable of multiple things at once, allowing you to multitask using only your hands for input. This transitions as well to gaming, as with newer games come more demands from the developers to have stronger hardware for their games to function. 

This requirement is not the same for the MOBA game Dota 2. In its over 10-year history, Valve and its developers have made Dota 2 run on economic machines, as well as those with different operating systems. 

However, they have also increased the ceiling of how dazzling the game’s appearance can be over time. At present, anyone can run Dota 2 on their PC with reasonably strong hardware, but what about in-game?

Developers have since added quality-of-life changes to the game, with hotkeys, minimap preferences, casting styles, and even queue options, to name a few. Your peripheries and your hardware are going to need an upgrade, or a change if you wish to enjoy Dota 2 to its fullest.

Easier Hotkeys

For a game like Dota 2, there are a lot of things to press with active spells and items that determine the outcome of games. This means that as a player, you’d like to have ease of access to your hotkey binds, and sometimes, even a good keyboard can’t bail you out. 

You may have seen Dota 2 steamers have their hotkeys set with mouse buttons, which is exactly what we’re suggesting to you.

Mouse buttons have elevated the player’s ability to make swift hotkey clicks, and we recommend this for your Dota 2 setup. The Razer Basilisk V3 is an exceptional choice as it has 5 customizable buttons. Under the scroll are two buttons, and on the left side of the mouse are three buttons that can be used easily by the thumb. For the most important items to use, the mouse buttons will make sure you can use them faster than having to press your keyboard.

Sound Quality

Dota 2 gameplay relies heavily on sound. Audio designers at Valve made sure that every ability in the game has a unique sound that is identifiable by players. Of course, this also takes into account the communication aspect of Dota.

Communication is crucial for victory in the game. There is plenty of gaming gear to pick from. But, the item we single out has a good balance of audio quality and microphone quality as well.

The TUF Gaming H3 headphones offer an experience that is worth the money you invest in them. On top of that, it is wireless, which means lesser occurrences of accidents due to forgetting you have headphones on. This headset will also streamline your comms. Although it may not be as crisp as higher-end devices, it is enough to give your voice a spotlight.


Gaming gear would be lacking without a good keyboard to balance everything. For hotkeys or communication, keyboards are essential for everything your PC will do when you play a game. Most players prefer to play without any lights on due to the glare of the lights affecting the display. For that, we have decided to give a keyboard that will complement the darkness-oriented style most players prefer.

The Logitech G1915 is a wireless mechanical keyboard that gives good tactile feedback as well as ease of positioning without any wires to take care of. Its caveat of course is that you need a dedicated slot for the wireless receiver.

Other than this, the keyboard is worth the purchase as it has a long keystroke life, and its light-up keys help regardless if you play in the dark or with lights on. If you liked this article, you can read more on our website. You can also follow us for the latest esports and gaming news.

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Spent all the years of his college writing for the school newspaper and transitioned to casting Dota 2 games shortly after graduation.

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