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Does Valheim Have an Anti-Cheat Program in Place?

Does Valheim Have an Anti-Cheat Program in Place?

    Last Updated on April 20, 2023

Does Valheim have an anti-cheat program? Valheim is supposed to be a fun game where you and your friends play as Vikings in a gorgeous yet hostile open world. It is not an MMO, PvP isn’t heavily encouraged, and everything is just supposed to be online fun. That may be, but it did not stop some gamers from employing various cheats to make everything much easier for them. Instead of working their way to the top, some gamers just opted to cheat their way to it. 

Although it doesn’t necessarily ruin others’ experience with the game, the fact that others do it just leaves a bad taste in our mouths. This made us wonder, does Valheim have an anti-cheat system in place to counter such? Even if so, does the game care whether players cheat or not?

Does Valheim Care If Its Players Use Cheats Or Not?

To give you the answer straight, no. Valheim doesn’t seem to care whether or not its players use cheat to bypass the game’s progression systems and whatnot as long as they keep playing the game. It didn’t take long for the game’s community to start taking advantage of such. Almost immediately after release, they started developing, launching, downloading, and subsequently, using various cheat engines.

Valheim players are free to use as many console commands as they can to cheat and alter the game to their liking. It doesn’t matter if they are making the game easier or harder for themselves, Valheim doesn’t care. Using cheats in this game has no repercussions. Many argue that Valheim should be praised for it. After all, it gives players the freedom to play the game however they want.

Chances are, as long as players do not ruin each other’s experiences in the game via cheating, Valheim’s stance on using such wouldn’t change. However, do note that this could change over time. So, if you are planning to use cheats on your next Valheim session, better do so at your own risk.

Valheim Multiplayer Needs Anti-Cheat

Valheim’s Basic Anti-Cheat

As it currently stands, Valheim doesn’t have a dedicated anti-cheat program in place. Players who want to ensure that their game is squeaky clean and devoid of any cheats must install a plugin of their own. 

For instance, the Bepinex plugin of Valheim. This is a basic anti-cheat program that you can freely install in your game. It prevents players that have existing mismatching plugins from connecting to your server. It prevents cheaters from visiting you, let alone ruining your game. 

Take note that the program needs to be present on both the client and server to properly work. The program does not prevent you from connecting to servers that do not have the same plugin. If you are interested in integrating Bepinex into your game, use the link provided to know more about it.

So, there you have it. Valheim, at least in its current state, does not have an anti-cheat program in place. Moreover, it does not seem to care whether players use its console to cheat their way to the top as long as they don’t ruin others’ gaming sessions. Do you agree with this approach? Do you personally take offense in using cheats in any game? Let us know your thoughts!

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