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Detroit: Become Human, Androids That Feel

Detroit: Become Human, Androids That Feel

    Last Updated on March 12, 2023

Detroit: Become Human is a video game that showcases a future where Androids live among humanity. These humanoid creations have a blue circle that differentiates them from people. 

The game is set in future Detroit, where the public is torn between their opinion of the Androids. While the game attempts to entertain the idea that machines have rights, it also explores their potential simulated humanity.

This game takes you on a third-person POV journey between three Androids: Connor, Markus, and Kara. These Androids lead different paths, but somewhere down the line, they all intertwine from time to time. 

Alongside them are human and Android characters with that players can build relationships in the game. The game makes the player decide on interactions and places to go to and interact. These set the tone for later events or even prevent them altogether.

What Happens in Detroit: Become Human?


Image of Markus from Detroit: Become Human

The story of Markus is a path of a freedom fighter. As a caretaker Android, his duty was to an aging artist. After a visit by the artist’s son, Markus became conscious and sentient and was dispatched by arriving police. He later finds himself in a scrapyard, broken and incomplete. Soon after rummaging for parts, he discovers an old ship called Jericho.

It is here that he discovers a band of desperate and dying, Androids that went deviant like him. He vowed to help them in any way he can, quickly assuming leadership over time. Markus’ exploits with the group involved civil disobedience, garnering public attention.

A player’s decision can affect how the public sees the deviant cause. Markus’ story ends with death, liberation, or a breakout of war against humanity. This serves arguably as the main story for the game.


Image of Kara in the Rain in Detroit: Become Human

The caretaker Android Kara is bought by a man named Todd to look after his daughter Alice. After some bouts of violence and discovering the fate of Androids before her, Kara escapes with Alice. This incident turned her into a deviant and a fugitive on the run.

Her goal is to get Alice across the border to Canada, where no Android laws exist. They soon run into deviant Luther, and find themselves in Jericho, in the middle of the conflict.

While on the run, a player has a chance of running into the next playable character in chase sequences. Markus makes a little cameo in Kara’s story as the leader of the Deviants and seeks their help. In her story, Kara finds out the truth about Alice and comes to terms with that truth. Kara’s story ends with escape by bus or boat or surviving an android recycling center. The player can choose to fight a way as Markus to see him here. For both these options, Kara can end up dying in the recycling center.


Image of Hank Anderson and Advanced Android Connor

This police investigator Android is the titular character across the game’s marketing campaigns. His story involves a police Lieutenant name, Hank Anderson. Players have the option of breaking Connor’s programming throughout the game by selecting “human” interactions. 

Their relationship with Hank can be changed as well, influencing how Hank sees Connor across the game. Connor’s true goal in the game is dependent on how the player chooses.

When Connor infiltrates Jericho, players can make him turn deviant, which changes Connor’s objectives. Defect, and Connor will enter Cyberlife to convert Androids to deviancy. Retain, and Connor will end up shooting Markus in a rally via sniper rifle. 

Connor can die several times in the game, but this affects Hank’s opinion and his deviancy progression. His ending is death, phased out for a better Connor model, or living out as a deviant.

The game itself is a great story depicting discrimination and a group that wants to live free. It tries to showcase a future where robots can have feelings, all going back to the master vs servant dynamic. Overall, Detroit: Become Human is a must-play.

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