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Dead Space Remastered Review

Dead Space Remastered Review

    Last Updated on February 9, 2023

Dead Space remastered is here! EA’s remake of the horror classic Dead Space is already out on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. This also immediately followed its announcement in 2021 and a refreshingly open development period. Even more, the original 2008 Dead Space game is a modern classic that holds up exceedingly well by today’s standards.

Since the original is beloved by all, all eyes were on EA. Even more, players had some thoughts when the remake of Dead Space was available for playing. Thankfully, EA delivered well with Dead Space Remastered as its faithful fans were completely satisfied with the results. 

The newest Dead Space is likely to become another classic among fans of the genre. Thanks to its impressive next-gen visuals, improved controls, expanded narrative, and added attention to detail, EA certainly did not disappoint. 

Dead Space is receiving rave reviews from critics. Additionally, it currently has a score of 89 on Metacritic, proving that it deserves the hype. It sounds like it might be the blueprint other massive remakes should follow moving forward.

Everything Done Right

The remake’s overhauled visuals are phenomenal across the board. They also bring the Ishimura’s suffocatingly grim bowels to life with a disgusting sheen. It is an iconic location for a reason. Even more, the visual upgrade and sheer attention to detail make it feel more lived in than ever. 

The remake’s improved graphic fidelity includes the peeling system. It also has a delightful impact on each combat encounter. It ensures the peeling of the skin, fat, and muscle layers of enemies with each successive wound. Making the exposed bones vulnerable to snapping in half from a well-placed round or two.

These graphical details are more than enough to call the remake successful. If that was not enough, the story from the original is largely intact. However, some key elements of the story are either remixed or expanded with greater context. This is because of the lore established later in the series. 

However, the tightening continuity and adding welcomed background on side characters do not change the story. These differences do not dramatically alter the story’s flow or events. It is a rework that makes more sense in context to the point that players will prefer the remake rather than the original.

More Dead Space Gameplay Options

The Dead Space remake also followed the likes of GTA 5’s PS5 iteration by offering console players the choice of a ‘Quality’ or a ‘Performance’ mode. In essence, the former portrays the game at its best looking, in 4K UHD resolution with ray-tracing, but with a 30fps capped framerate. 

The latter maintains a steady 60fps framerate but with 2K QHD resolution and no ray-tracing. How you play is up to you, of course, but I will say that if you can overlook the negligible difference between 30fps and 60fps, Dead Space looks gorgeous running in Quality mode.

With all of the reviews of the remastered classic going positive, it is safe to say that EA scored a home run. I know that I am not a veritable critic, but this game truly did everything right and more. My review for Dead Space Remastered is a whopping 10/10. 

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