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Dead Island 2: All You Need To Know

Dead Island 2: All You Need To Know

    Last Updated on April 12, 2023

After getting stuck in development hell for what feels like forever, Dead Island 2 is finally on its way. The sequel to the original Dead Island was first announced in E3 2014. It had a very inventive trailer that even penetrated pop culture itself! And if you know anything about Dead Island, you’d know that they make kickass trailers. This generated immense hype for the game. Although the first title wasn’t critically-acclaimed, everyone felt on board with the sequel. This is thanks mainly to the game’s excellent marketing. 

However, months of waiting quickly turned to years, and the development of Dead Island 2 went radio silent entirely. Fast forward to 2023, almost a decade after its original announcement, Dead Island 2 is finally on the horizon. Are you excited about the release of the game? Maybe you have grown tired of waiting for it already? To prepare you for the title’s impending release, here is everything you need to know about the game. 

It Was Presumed Dead Until it Wasn’t

Dead Island 2, after hyping millions of gamers worldwide, suddenly went silent. Development news became scarce and promos for the game quickly disappeared. All the excitement for the game went down the drain. Sadly for the fans of the original game, this went on for almost a decade. Because of this, everyone assumed that Dead Island 2 is officially dead. Even the developers themselves seem to have given up on the title. Dead Island 2’s development passed from one team to another in the years that it went silent.

That is until Gamescom 2022. Now in the hands of Dambuster Studios, Dead Island 2 rose from its shallow grave to a huge ovation. After yet another memorable and gruesome trailer at the event, it’s as if everyone became more excited. And perhaps even grew stronger. Dead Island 2 is officially back and it is now set to release in 2023. The game will be available for current and next-gen consoles and PC.

Dead Island 2 Open World Landscape

Why You Should Be Excited About It?

Dead Island 2 is a co-op, action-RPG, semi-open-world game set in Los Angeles, California ravaged by a zombie plague. The iconic look of Los Angeles will be there albeit peppered by countless mindless zombies. The towering LA buildings, Venice Beach, and Beverly Hills are all there! Explore them as much as you want as you try to survive the wacky yet dangerous world. 

Better yet, you can do so with your trusty mates! The sequel, like the original, features co-op play, enabling you to play along with three other people. That said, crossplay is not available, so you better all have the same platform.

Whether you like zombie games or not, you’d certainly appreciate how Dead Island 2 makes bashing their heads fun. Not only that, but it also provides you with a gratifying sense of progression thanks to its RPG elements. Basically, the game takes everything gamers loved about the original and makes them significantly better. 

The franchise’s trademark humor, the sometimes over-the-top gore, and the satisfying hack-and-slash action are all here. Truly, Dambuster did a phenomenal job with this one considering how rocky its development had been. If you aren’t excited about Dead Island 2, we implore you to take a look at its trailers again. Perhaps after that, you’d be.

Dead Island 2 Release Date and System Requirements

Finally, the long-awaited sequel is just around the corner. Will all the wait pay off? By the looks of it, yes. Based on its gameplay trailers, it certainly has the potential to do some impact moving forward. Nonetheless, Dead Island 2’s final release date is on April 21, 2023. As for its recommended system requirements, you can read our separate article about that.

Fair warning, however, it is quite high. You better have a powerful setup if you want to play this gorgeous-looking game.

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