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CPT Forces a Change in the Controversial Hitbox Controller 

CPT Forces a Change in the Controversial Hitbox Controller 

    Last Updated on August 8, 2023

The upcoming season of the Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) has brought an air of excitement to the competitive gaming world. However, recent changes to the rules concerning controllers have stirred up a wave of controversy. Thus, leaving hitbox players uncertain about their place in the tournament scene. This article delves into the far-reaching impact of these controller rules on hitbox players. Additionally, it examines whether Daigo’s latest Hitbox Controller will continue to be deemed acceptable under the tournament regulations.

In-Depth Look at the Altered CPT Controller Regulations

The CPT administration has recently introduced a series of adjustments to the controller guidelines that have sent shockwaves throughout the fighting game community (FGC). While not explicitly banning any specific type of controller, the revised regulations now disallow levelless controllers. Including devices that enable multiple inputs with a single press. This alteration has raised a considerable challenge for hitbox players, who have grown accustomed to these distinctive control setups.

Hitbox controllers have surged in popularity in recent times, with numerous top players favoring them over conventional gamepads. The prevalence of hitboxes was particularly evident at last year’s EVO, where the majority of the top competitors in the Capcom Top 8 utilized this control method, underscoring their significance in high-level play. However, the CPT’s updated rules necessitate a controller transition, potentially rendering hitboxes ineligible for tournament use.

The community’s response to this development has been a mix of emotions. While hitbox players have voiced worries and frustration over the possible abandonment of their preferred control method, players who do not use hitboxes have welcomed the changes, hoping for a more level playing field.

HitBox’s Swift Reaction: Firmware Update

Amid the uncertainty surrounding hitbox controllers, HitBox has responded swiftly. As their answer to the altered CPT rules by rolling out firmware update version 1.04. This update introduces two distinct Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Direction (SOCD) modes. Thus, enabling players to switch between a standard mode and a new version that aligns with the CPT rules. Additionally, the update incorporates the inclusion of L3 and R3 stick clicks in training mode functionality.

The introduction of these features through the firmware update presents a lifeline for hitbox controller players. It grants them a means to continue employing their favored controllers within the confines of the new regulations. While the changes necessitate adapting to a different mode, this compromise guarantees the legitimacy of hitbox controllers in tournaments.

The Prospect of Hitbox Controllers Moving Forward

With the start of the CPT season approaching, all eyes are on hitbox players and their response to the firmware update. Will they readily embrace the changes and acclimate to the new mode? Alternatively, could this spark further debates and potential adjustments from Capcom to address concerns about the perceived dominance of hitbox controllers?

Daigo’s latest Hitbox Controller, renowned for its exemplary design, comes under scrutiny. With its groundbreaking features and precision craftsmanship, the question arises whether Daigo’s controller adheres to the standards set by the CPT controller rules. As enthusiasts eagerly anticipate Daigo’s choice of tournament equipment, the outcome could have extensive implications for hitbox players and the future of fighting games.

Final Thoughts

The implementation of the revised CPT controller rules has ushered in a period of uncertainty and adaptation for hitbox players. The firmware update provided by HitBox offers a ray of hope. It allows hitbox controllers to maintain their tournament eligibility through a distinct mode. As the community prepares for the forthcoming CPT season and the Street Fighter 6 tournament, the impact of these rule alterations on the competitive arena remains to be witnessed.

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