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City-Building Games Worth Getting

City-Building Games Worth Getting

    Last Updated on January 8, 2023

There is a niche for city-building games in the genre of management games. These games stretch the limits of making sure everything functions and is afloat. In the year 2022, popular city-builder franchises have come and gone, while some have expanded with downloadable content. 

Even established titles like Sims City and the Anno series are not daunting enough for passionate developers. They seek to create a new brand in the city-building scene. However, there are some city-builder games that are under the radar.


Image of Timberborn
Via Timberborn

A city-builder for beavers? Yes. In Timberborn you manage a colony of beavers that must survive on a map where water comes and goes. During the normal season, water flows through the playable valley map. The land near the riverbanks becomes fertile and teeming with life. Don’t relax yet, as this serves as a preparation period for what is to come.

The game drops you straight into a group of beavers with the goal of being a powerful colony. Albeit with little more than brains, brawn, and teeth. The game lets you explore beaver kind in a world where humans are gone.

You must go beyond surviving and thriving off the land. With the beaver essentials of dam structures and traditional mechanics like research, one can spend hours before checking the time.

Kingdoms and Castles

Image of Kingdoms and Castles
Via Kingdoms and Castles

Games set in the medieval period always have a fantastic charm. Whether it’s chivalry or ordinary folk life, when the familiar music motif plays, one cannot shake off the interest in trying it out. But what about a medieval setting with simple graphics and gameplay to pair? Then, Kingdoms and Castles is your pick.

Built on the Unity engine, this game has a smooth, boxy art style familiar to the engine. All models depict a typical medieval town with a touch of modernity in its recent updates. The goal is simple, to thrive on an island map from waves of Viking invaders and dragons! Equal credit is due to its passionate developers and community, as they have enabled this game to grow beyond its stretch goals and become an instant classic. 

Speaking of stretch goals, the developers promised the game in VR, and the community willed it into being! A fun way to watch your medieval town brave invasions and flourish into a prosperous kingdom.

The Universim

Image of The Universim world
Via The Universim

Don’t let its name convince you away, as this game sees a fair amount of city management, even if you are a god figure. The Universim is a god simulator and a city builder combined, mixing in some idle game mechanics without taking away from the management aspects for the player. 

As the god of this game, you are given the task of managing a planet starting from a pair of two creatures called nuggets. You oversee their daily lives and use your powers to make their lives however you see fit. Aside from observing, the game also has a research mechanic, which is essential for progression and offers enough diversity for replayability.

City-Building Games are Fun

Whatever city-building game you are into, as long as it meets your degree of management, and amount of challenges, it should be a no-brainer which one to choose. Other titles worth mentioning, but are classifiable by different genres, are RimWorld, Frostpunk, and They are Billions, among other games.

City-building games aren’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean everyone can’t be a mayor in their own city, whatever form it may take. If you liked that article, you can read more on our website. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest esports and gaming news.

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