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Can You Mod Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Can You Mod Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

    Last Updated on April 29, 2023

The modding community has long wished to have the chance to mod Final Fantasy 7 Remake. And now, with Square Enix’s magnum opus finally hitting PCs, they can freely do so. In fact, it didn’t take all that long for the game’s PC version to be filled with interesting mods. Some add new elements or fix some of the game’s glaring issues, while others are just there for fans of the game to mess around with. Nevertheless, the modding community is rejoicing at the fact that you can now install mods in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

In this article, we aim to highlight some noteworthy mods for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Then later down the line, we’ll also tell you how to add them to your game.

Noteworthy Mods to Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Interesting Alternate Outfits for the Main Characters

You can already predict such a mod to exist from a mile away. Even before the game arrived on PC systems, modders were already salivating (sorry for the term) to give our main protagonists alternate outfits. While some of them add an extra layer of character work or coolness, most are made for pleasure. 

There is now a myriad of alternate outfits that make the most out of Aerith and Tifa’s “great” assets. But, of course, there are also tons of it for the guys. Perhaps a cross-dressing Cloud or a topless Sephiroth. Although others may find this distasteful, installing such mods makes the game significantly more fun for some of us. Got you interested, have we? But, who are we to judge?

Visual Upgrades and HDR Lighting Integration

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is already one of the best-looking games in our generation but modders successfully made it even prettier. By a huge margin, nonetheless. With mods such as ReShading, the game’s visuals are turned even more magnificent. The environments are rendered more photorealistic, while the character models are made to look like real life. 

This particular mod we are referring to even adds HDR lighting effects to the game. That is on top of the already impressive tweaks. However, keep in mind that such upgrades require great processing power. So, if you don’t feel confident that your current GPU is capable of handling such, you better stick to the vanilla version for now.

Smarter AI to Make Combat Encounters More Dynamic or Challenging

Not that Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s combat encounters are easy, but some just want to make it all the more challenging. As a matter of fact, some already find the game’s difficulty already punishing, especially on Hard Mode. However, this hasn’t stopped thrill-seekers from bumping the game’s challenge even further. Now, there are tons of mods you can install in the game to make everything harder and, thus, more rewarding to complete. 

There are also some that intend to improve on the AI of not just the enemies, but also your companions. Such can make your party members act more aggressively or smarter. No matter the case, these mods intend to alter the game’s AI’s normal behavior. This, in turn, makes everything more dynamic, and for some, that is just more fun that way. 

A word of warning, however. Altering the game’s AI or adding mods in general makes it susceptible to crashes or various bugs. Only install mods that you trust. That said, linked herewith is a trusted platform where you can find working mods for the game.

How to Add Mods to Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mod

Here is a straightforward step-by-step guide on how you can add mods to Final Fantasy 7 Remake:

  1. Download the mod you want to add to your game.
  2. After a successful download, navigate to your Final Fantasy 7 Remake game folder.
  3. Open the game folder.
  4. Find the Content folder and then open it.
  5. Find the pak folder and then open it.
  6. Inside the pak folder, create a new folder named: “~mods”
  7. Make sure you type the folder name exactly as we did.
  8. Paste the mod you downloaded inside the newly-created folder
  9. Close everything now and run the game. Some even restart the whole system before running the game.
  10. Lastly, check if the mod runs well and if there are no complications.

That is it! That is how you mod Final Fantasy 7. While some aren’t really keen on modding their favorite games, there is no denying that some mods really do add more to the game. And what are games for really but to give us a good time.

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