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Can Video Games Help You With Grief?

Can Video Games Help You With Grief?

    Last Updated on April 24, 2023

Each of us has our own appreciation for video games. For some, it may just be a way to have fun while wasting time. However, others may view it as something that saved them from a period of deep sadness. Video games are truly magical. It gives us all sorts of things apart from just a good time.

It makes us happy, it makes us glad to still be breathing, and it helps us overcome even grief. In this article, we aim to take a look at how video games can help people with their grief. 

How Video Games Help Handle Grief

We all play video games for our own reasons. Sadly enough, some do so as their way of escapism or avoidance of depression or grief. It is what they use as their primary means to get over the five stages of grief, and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. After all, video games are there to serve as our escape from the harsh realities of life. It transports us to brand-new spaces and worlds where we can go all out without worries. 

While other forms of media can undoubtedly offer the same, doing so via video games is just next to none. Video games demand active participation, unlike movies or TV shows. What you see is what you get whenever you are watching the latest hit movie or series. Whereas in games, you are given the chance to pave your own path and discover things at your own pace. This helps players process their feelings more, unscathed by any real-world expectations and norms on how one should confront sadness and grief.

There is now also a slew of high-quality games that specifically handle sensitive matters. Take, for example, titles such as The Last of Us, What Remains of Edith Finch, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. These games successfully explore the complexities of grief with varying degrees. Others may come with a protective lens, while some of them may go aggressively. Nevertheless, these games make us care for and guide grieving characters, which, in turn, touches our hearts without actually reminding us of our personal pains.

Video Games What Remains of Edith Finch

Video Games, As An Art Form, Are Truly Magical

The video game industry has really evolved so much throughout the years that it is now able to touch our emotions just as deeply, if not more, than any other in this world. The days when games are just a way to burn the clock are long gone. Nowadays, video games are some people’s lifeline. Gaming is their most effective way of processing their emotions. And to some extreme cases, it may just be the only thing that keeps them going.

With all is said and done, video games will show in the history books as a truly magical art form. It is capable of touching people’s lives in a way that only a few can genuinely do. For more articles like this and up-to-date gaming news, stay tuned to our website and follow our socials.

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