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Microsoft Closes Deal With Call of Duty For Nintendo

Microsoft Closes Deal With Call of Duty For Nintendo

    Last Updated on December 10, 2022

Microsoft closed a deal with Nintendo ensuring the Call of Duty franchise for Nintendo Devices for 10 years. Nintendo benefits from this deal as it brings the best-selling video game franchise to its plethora of video game libraries. 

However, the agreement hinges on Microsoft closing its 69 billion dollar acquisition of Activision Blizzard; which is the developer of Call of Duty. The chief of Xbox, Phil Spencer, stated to Bloomberg News that they could extend the deal with Nintendo further. Microsoft is committed to expanding its reach by acquiring multiple video gaming platforms that people can play on. 

Switch models for Nintendo

According to Phil Spencer, Chief of Xbox, “There’s been some question about whether what we’re saying is actually how we’re acting, and I think having two major industry partners kind of show that our intent is real and that we can reach agreements is an important thing in this time.”

Valve’s Steam Platform Gains Access

Microsoft also commits to giving Valve Corporation’s Steam platform access to Call of Duty. They plan to give it at the same time as the Xbox release. Microsoft also offered the same deal to Sony to bring the Call of Duty franchise to PlayStation for ten years. However, Sony met the offer with resistance as the Japanese company has concerns with the Activision acquisition by Microsoft. Sony fears that the merger will result in Microsoft making the coveted title Call of Duty exclusive to Microsoft. 

“This deal and especially its timing clearly looks like Microsoft trying to appease regulators. I have a hard time imagining recent mainline Call of Duty titles running on current Nintendo hardware, but the next Switch will certainly be able to handle such a game.”

Serkan Toto, Analyst

The executives of Microsoft are about to meet with US Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan and the other commissioners regarding the Activision deal. In the meeting, Microsoft will plead its case in support of them acquiring Activision. 

Spencer stated in an interview, “Our intent is to become more relevant on more screens. We have a pretty good idea of how to build a win-win relationship with Nintendo and frankly Sony.”

This statement from Spencer reinforces Microsoft’s genuine willingness to work things out with its competitors, even Sony. 

Microsoft Will Benefit

The US-based technology giant is confident that it can secure the regulators’ approval for the Activision takeover. The company targets that the deal will be done by June, the end of its fiscal year. The actions taken by Microsoft to include the other gaming platforms, like Nintendo devices, with the Call of Duty franchise are a precursor to Microsoft’s willingness to include and distribute its gaming content to others. 

“There’s been one game industry participant that’s really been raising all the objections, and that’s Sony, and they’ve been fairly public about the things that don’t meet their expectations. From where we sit, it’s clear they’re spending more time with the regulators than they are with us to try and get this deal done.”

Phil Spencer, Chief of Xbox

Besides Sony’s reluctance to get on board, most of the industry expressed their support for Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision. When it is all said and done, the Nintendo Switch will be one of the benefactors of the acquisition. It will gain access to the prestigious Call of Duty franchise. 

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