Bind Map Changes in Valorant Patch 6.08

Bind Map Changes in Valorant Patch 6.08

    Last Updated on April 4, 2023

Bind is set to make a comeback in the upcoming Valorant Patch 6.08. It will be available on April 25, the same day that Act III of Episode 6 begins. It is also one of the first four maps of Valorant. However, Riot removed it from the map rotation in January 2023 alongside Breeze. The reason was to make space for the newly-revamped Split and the new map Lotus.

Like Split in Patch 6, the new Bind update will somehow be different from what you used to play before. Valorant made sure to fix the bugs of Bind while improving the overall map experience. It will undoubtedly bring a huge impact on the gameplay.

Here’s a guide to all the upcoming changes to the map in Patch 6.08. After all, Bind is one of the fun maps to play in Valorant. Isn’t it exciting?

A Teleporter Exit and A Bath Entrance

In the new Bind, the exit of the teleporter from B to A is now closer to the bath entrance. It’s also wider, giving more room for gunfights. In addition, the old spot where the portal was located became a shop, with the huge boxes becoming a single small box.

With these changes, it would be easier for the attacker side to quickly rotate from B to A through the teleporter without fear of an enemy waiting at the corner of the teleporter exit.

A Bath Attacker Side Entrance Update

Alt Text: A Teleporter Exit and A Bath Entrance before and after Patch 6.08

A Bath Interior and A Bath Exit

The interior of A Bath has become broader, allowing players to clear off angles more easily. When entering A Bath, the right corner where the defending team usually hide is now shallow. The A Exit to the site also became wider, giving defenders a chance to fight back. When you’re playing defense, note that attackers cannot hide on the right side of the exit of A Bath.

New Bind Changes for A Bath

A site side wall and A site back wall

Entering the A site, the side wall near A Tower now has an object where players can stand. Yet, the A site back wall became a little bit flatter. It allows the defending team to easily clear the angle coming from Vent.

If you’re on the attacking site, these changes will make a difference in where you should plant and hide while waiting for the enemy to retake the site.

A Site Side Wall and A Site Back Wall Patch 6.08

A site Radianite crates

The six Radianite boxes near the A Bath exit have also been rearranged. It now gives players who used to jump on these a smaller place to navigate.

If you’re using Jett, Raze, Chamber, or even Killjoy, you should take note of this change in Radianite crates. It could significantly affect the angles you can check when on top of these boxes or the position of Killjoy’s Turret.

A Site Radianite Crates Patch 6.08

B Hall to B site doorway and B Elbow

Coming to the B site, the exit from B Hall to B site has also been widened. It makes the side towards B Elbow the only place where you could hide.

The side wall of the B Elbow also had a considerable upgrade now that there’s a hole. Now, you can also throw agents’ utilities like Sova’s Shock and Recon Bolts, Killjoy’s Molly, and Raze’s grenades.

B Hall to B site Doorway and B Elbow Patch 6.08

Aside from the abovementioned changes, Riot Games has yet to say if other places got an update. There is no information on locations like B Hookah, B Long, or B Garden.

Since the map will be coming back in Valorant Patch 6.08, you need to take note of these Bind changes, especially the new teleporter position in A site. This will give you a clear advantage over the enemy team.

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