Best Valorant Agents to Use for Ranked Solo Queue

Best Valorant Agents to Use for Ranked Solo Queue

    Last Updated on February 16, 2023

The latest 5.12 patch in Valorant saw a shift in the meta in terms of Valorant Agents. Although Valorant is a tactical FPS, the game is no stranger to having a meta. On the current patch, some agents are a cut above others. Let us dive deeper into why they are considered one of the best among the rest. 

Just like any other online multiplayer game, Valorant continuously updates the agents’ capabilities to maintain competitive flair and integrity. The checks and balances keep the game interesting because it makes players stay on their toes. After all, trying to keep up with the ever-changing meta is exciting.

In the dog-eat-dog world of Valorant ranked solo queue, players must do whatever they can to climb through the ranks. Knowing the meta is one part of giving yourself the best chance to win. To help with that endeavor, I give you the Valorant Agent Tier List of the best agents to use to climb the rank ladder. 

Meta Agents Patch 5.12


Valorant Agents Reyna

The smurf agent herself, Reyna, comes on the list due to her ability to completely take over a game on her lonesome. In the right hands, the seemingly utility-lacking agent becomes completely untouchable once she gets on the groove. There is no better agent to use than Reyna when it comes to ranked solo queues. You do not need your teammates when you can win by yourself. 


Image of Raze from Valorant

The explosive agent from Salvador, Brazil, Raze is the only duelist who can get some information on her own, make space, and is the strongest defensively. She is an all-around agent who can make many solo plays with her blast packs, making the enemies look like fools. All of these qualities make her a fantastic agent for solo queues.


Image of Jett from Valorant

The windy speedster from Korea, Jett, might be the most popular agent of Valorant. With plenty of mobility to boast, she will run circles around her enemies while popping each of their heads with every turn.  She can make space on offense for the team and is still a good Operator, and/or aggressive pusher on defense. Her Ultimate can also win eco rounds where enemies may take non-ideal fights during anti-Ecos where a Blade Storm kill yields the enemy’s rifle.


Image of Fade from Valorant

The goth girl herself, Fade may be nerfed a little in this patch but she remains to be a competent initiator. Fade’s kit is very strong and pretty easy for teammates to play off of even with minimal communication and coordination. Her Prowler, even when nerfed, still has a strong ability to make space and gather information. Seize is a very underrated part of her kit as it can completely stop a 5 man push and allow for teammate rotations.


Image of Killjoy

With the nerfs on Chamber dropping the French Agent to the depths, Killjoy surfaces as the superior option for your Ranked games. In mid and lower ranks she is quite strong as she does not have to really on precision weaponry like Chamber, and is better for stopping all-out pushes more common at lower ranks.


Image of Omen

It’s the emo guy (or shadow), Omen, capping off this list of the best agents to use for solo queue. Omen is the controller with abilities most suited for making individual plays. He can also play many angles that may not be cleared or flushed out with utility in a less coordinated environment. Additionally, Omen is fairly easy to use in comparison to other controller agents. 

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