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Best Resident Evil 4 Remake Mods

Best Resident Evil 4 Remake Mods

    Last Updated on May 24, 2023

Horror game classic Resident Evil 4 recently got a remake for new-gen consoles. Meaning you can expect its fair share of mods, whether you want to make things easy or looking for an extra challenge. Want to replace Leon or anyone else? Here are some of the craziest Resident Evil 4 mods you can try out.

No Yellow Paint

Let’s start with something tame. This mod is more direct and not out there unlike the ones later on. This essentially gives you an experience in navigating the game by yourself.

So for those unfamiliar with the game, there is yellow paint in most places on the map. This is to help players find items faster. As the title suggests, the mod takes away the yellow paint, adding more difficulty in finding items.

You might be the type of player who doesn’t want things to be too easy. This mod could appeal the most to those that love intense combat or avid completionists. Nevertheless, adding this mod will definitely give you a challenge with finding items and resources.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Mods Resource Finding

This mod also gets a mention for the extra immersion that it provides. It makes the areas a bit more realistic. I dunno if people would put yellow paint in places that have valuable items. Who knows?

So if you want some realism and to test out your searching skills, this is the mod for you.

Max Stats

Another common mod in the modding community is maximizing stats. This mod is the opposite of the first one. The reason being is that it makes the game easier. Whereas the first mod adds a challenge in finding items, this one makes playing the game more manageable.

Yeah, having limitations can make for a challenging and engaging game. But, the opposite can be very fun. 

Resident Evil 4 Remake Mods Max Stats

When it comes to Resident Evil, the inventory size is considerably small. This makes players think of what to keep. It also gets players to think carefully about how they go about the game. 

Limited ammo makes players think carefully about when to engage an enemy and not. The same can be said about supplies. This mod lets you scrap that in favor of bigger storage. Want infinite ammo? Or more space for healing items? This mod’s got you covered.

Hunk Mod

Another popular mod is changing the appearance of your main character. This can range from in-universe characters to someone from a completely different series. Want to play the game as an entirely different character? Well, the Hunk mod lets you change the character from Leon to Hunk.

Hunk is one of Resident Evil’s most popular characters. A cold and calculating operative in Umbrella’s security sector. His strength and popularity alone should be enough for players to want to experience the game as him instead of Leon the pretty boy.

This won’t change anything story and gameplay-wise, but a neat thing players can enjoy visually.

Health Bars

You might notice that enemies in Resident Evil 4 don’t have visible health bars. This can make for a challenging experience. Whether this is a good or bad thing is up to you. 

If you want to make the game easier, then this mod allows you to see your enemy’s health. Now, health bars will pop up next to the enemy. That way, you know how much health they have and what it will take to take them out.

Honorable Mentions

Now there are too many mods to fit into this list. Those were just some of the most well-known ones. But here are some other ones you can find out for yourself.

  • Ratatouille

Now, in-universe characters aren’t the only mods out there.

So not only can everybody cook, but they can also be a part of this game. This takes inspiration from Mousey Graham. This is basically Ashley Graham if she was a tiny mouse. You can now have a playthrough with a mousey graham on top of your head.

Now you can get the same experience from the 2007 Disney Pixar movie with a horror game twist.

  • Shrek Mod

Somebody once told me that there would be a mod involving Shrek. And fair enough, there it is. Jokes aside, we now move from Disney to Dreamworks for this one.

Appearance-wise, Shrek takes the place of Salvador. While nothing changes drastically, the idea of having Shrek in a video game should be a reward for fans.

If you are a Shrek fan and want some randomness in your playthrough, try this mod out for yourself.

These are some mods that you can try for yourself. Want something easy? A challenge? Or maybe want some laughs while you play? Indeed, there’s a mod for everyone. Give these Resident Evil 4 remake mods a try and make your experience with this already-excellent game even more pleasing.

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