Best Agents You Can Use to Win on Lotus

Best Agents You Can Use to Win on Lotus

    Last Updated on January 26, 2023

Valorant kicked off the new episode with a Battle Pass, skin line, and Lotus. It is normal to feel lost at Lotus, it is a new site and it requires some getting used to. 

Personally, my first game at Lotus was so confusing that I just relied on aim duels rather than a strategy to win the game. We all know that we cannot win that way for long. So let us get a look at how to win at Lotus. 

The key to winning a game in Valorant is composed of multiple factors. In this article, we will only focus on the factors that you can do something about such as agents. Firstly, let us take a look at the Best agents for Lotus. 

Best Agents For Lotus Per Role

Duelist – Jett/Neon

If you are an aggressive player, Jett is the right agent for this map as you can make use of the elevated spots found on Lotus. Jett’s dash is always a useful cop-out tool to get out of sticky situations with ease or push aggressively into enemy territory. 

Another one of the best agents you can use on Lotus is Neon. It is undeniably a large map that makes rotating from one site to another a big challenge. To resolve this, you should have someone as speedy as Neon on your team.

Controller – Harbor/Omen

If you can utilize Harbor’s abilities, winning on Lotus will be a breeze. The sites are small enough for Harbor’s Ultimate Ability to cover every inch, effectively pushing enemies away from the site whether you are attacking or defending. 

Another Controller you can use on Lotus is Omen. Omen is often regarded as a swiss army knife agent that is fairly easy to use and compliment other agents. By utilizing his teleport, blind, and smoking abilities, you will surely be able to catch your opponents off-guard.

Sentinel – Killjoy

Sentinels will have a hard time defending Lotus as it is big and enemies can attack from all sides. Fortunately, Killjoy can cut off access for one site with a perfect set-up. Because of this, other agents on her team can focus on defending the other two sites while Killjoy does her thing alone.

You will not have a hard time finding the perfect spot to place Killjoy’s Lockdown if you need to retake or push on a particular site. There are plenty of corners and walls that will make it impossible for enemies to destroy it.

Initiator – Breach/Fade

Breach’s abilities to slow down enemies and flashes are always valuable, but it is dangerously effective in tight spaces that are common in Lotus. Breach’s ability to completely stop the enemy team in its tracks is sought after in this three-site map. Moreover, Breach’s Ultimate Ability is perfect whether you are attacking or defending.

You will need recon on this site because of how large it is. You cannot just push in headfirst without any preparations, which is where Fade comes into play. Using her recon abilities to track down your opponents’ positions is vital before retaking or pushing a site.

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