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Battlefield Franchise Can’t Compete with Call of Duty

Battlefield Franchise Can’t Compete with Call of Duty

    Last Updated on December 8, 2022

Sony talked about the Battlefield Franchise and its inability to compete meaningfully with the behemoth Call of Duty. Sony made these remarks following the news that Microsoft is acquiring Activision, the developer of Call of Duty. 

In an interview with a PC gamer talking about the UK’s Microsoft-Blizzard investigation, Sony talked about the success of the Call of Duty Franchise. The Japanese multinational corporation stated that the competitors of Call of Duty could never replicate its success. 

It does not matter how well-equipped the competitor was. The Call of Duty franchise is too big and too popular to compete against. The Call of Duty series was able to bag multiple best-selling games in the last ten years. Sony talked about how dangerous the effect on the video game world would be if the Microsoft-Blizzard merger were to come to fruition. 

“Other publishers don’t have the resources or expertise to match the success of the series. To give a concrete example, Electronic Arts, one of the largest third-party developers after Activision, has struggled for years to rival Call of Duty with its Battlefield series.”

In Another Interview

In another interview, Sony talked about the gap between the success of two franchises: Call of Duty and Battlefield.

According to Sony’s Statistics, Battlefield was able to accumulate a total of 88.7 million sales. Meanwhile, Call of Duty amassed a whopping total of 400 million sales. 

Despite the efforts of EA to produce multiple AAA series and Battlefield replicating the formula of the Call of Duty games, Call of Duty already has a death grip in the market. Its fans are too hard to sway in another direction. In response to concerns of Sony regarding the Microsoft-Blizzard merger, Xbox has repeatedly assured Sony that the Call of Duty series will remain on the Playstation. 

Xbox President Phil Spencer discussed their plans to bring the series to other platforms. Xbox remarked to Sony that it would bring the Call of Duty franchise to Playstation platforms for ten years, but Sony still seems very worried about adding the series to the Game Pass system. Only time will tell if Sony’s concerns will put a halt to the acquisition process of Activision. 

What is Call of Duty?

Call of Duty is the world’s best-selling video game franchise. The franchise started in 2003 when Activision published its first installment. With multiple installments to its name, the franchise enjoyed success in the first-person shooter genre. 

Their games are set amid the Cold War, World War, futuristic worlds, and modern warfare. Despite having different storylines with each game,  the only thing that remains constant is that you are a soldier with a sense of purpose. 

The Call of Duty franchise dominated most of the video game markets. May it be on video game consoles, personal computers, and even mobile phones. You can play Call of Duty anywhere and on any console, which is one reason for its success. Call of Duty Mobile has been atop the charts in every mobile store since its inception in 2019.

If you are a Call of Duty fanboy, you can expect the series to continue indefinitely. The franchise is too big to fail. It will be long before the games stop selling. The Battlefield Franchise will have to make do with what they can never match Call of Duty’s success.  

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