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Bandai Namco Takes Action Following Tekken 8 CNT Hack Incident

Bandai Namco Takes Action Following Tekken 8 CNT Hack Incident

    Last Updated on August 1, 2023

Recently, the highly awaited Tekken 8 Closed Network Test (CNT) offered eager players a taste of what’s to come. However, the excitement around the test was marred by an unfortunate incident of hacking and unauthorized access. Understandably, Bandai Namco wasn’t all too happy with this development. The Tekken developers then went to Twitter to remind players of these misconducts. Also, the penalties waiting for the guilty.

The Tekken 8 CNT Hack Incident and Bandai Namco’s Response

During the Tekken 8 CNT, which spanned several weeks, some individuals took it upon themselves to exploit the demo. They bypassed designated test periods and delved into the game’s files. This breach enabled them to extract information and leaks about the yet-to-be-released title.

In response to this breach, Bandai Namco, the team behind Tekken, swiftly addressed the issue via their Bandai Namco Esports Twitter channel. They acknowledged that certain players had accessed the Tekken 8 CNT outside of the allowed test period. Additionally, it stressed that such actions violate the Terms of Service and the Tekken World Tour Code of Conduct. On top of that, they reminded everyone that unauthorized download or distribution of the game was illegal.

Bandai Namco left no room for ambiguity when it came to the consequences for those involved in the unauthorized access. They explicitly warned that such players might face disqualification from participating in the upcoming Tekken World Tour and other official competitions. By taking a firm stance, Bandai Namco sought to safeguard the fairness and competitive integrity of their iconic fighting game series.

The Immediate and Lasting Effects of the Hacking Incident

The hack not only damaged the integrity of fair competition but also raised concerns about leaks and spoilers. Unauthorized access and the following dissemination of hacked information were detrimental to the spirit of competitive play. It puts the hard work and dedication invested by players in honing their skills to waste.

Another significant consequence of the breach was the spread of leaked information regarding the Tekken 8 roster. Hackers, using tools like Cheat Engine, infiltrated the game without permission, extracting various details yet to come. Several reports on the activities of these hackers then came to light discussing the employed strategies to gain unauthorized access.

Bandai Namco Stricter Rules

Looking ahead, everyone expects Bandai Namco to implement stricter security measures. All in an effort to better safeguard the integrity of future tests and releases. As Tekken 8 approaches its full release in 2024, players and fans eagerly await news of the steps taken by Bandai Namco to fortify the game’s security and prevent unauthorized access.


In response to the Tekken 8 CNT hack incident, Bandai Namco showed its commitment to upholding fair competition within the gaming community. Their rigid stance against unauthorized access and the dissemination of leaked information sends a clear message that such actions will not be tolerated. As the Tekken community eagerly anticipates the game’s official release, preserving the integrity of the franchise becomes crucial. By working together, both Bandai Namco and Tekken fans can ensure that fair play and competitive spirit thrive within the world of Tekken.

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