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Atomic Heart: The Rising Star

Atomic Heart: The Rising Star

    Last Updated on March 26, 2023

Atomic Heart is on the rise as a unique shooter game in the industry. Fans also love how the title gets inspiration from Wolfenstein and BioShock. Although critics love the change of pace from other shooter games, they call out its horrid game design.

Yet, the title does offer interesting points for gamers to ponder. After all, what could happen in an alternate future with sentient machines? Wait a moment. Haven’t we seen that before? In any case, you might want to try out the game to learn more.

What is Atomic Heart?

The title Atomic Heart is a single-player shooter in an alternate history with advanced technology. Mundfish developed the game and was later published by Focus Entertainment and 4Divinity.

It’s a game that obviously draws inspiration from other alternate-history titles. The game also has some elements similar to Half-Life and the Portal franchise. Focus Entertainment published the game on February 21, 2023, and received positive reviews.

However, the title did face backlash as players connected it to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Although it is a controversial opinion, we leave it up to the developers and gamers to decide.

Atomic Heart Gameplay

Image of Atomic Heart Gameplay

You play the game from the first-person shooter perspective alongside some RPG elements. It also includes a crafting system with a hack-and-slash playstyle using makeshift weapons. However, there is limited ammunition in the game, forcing you to use stealth in most missions.

The game also introduces a partner called the Polymer Glove— a talking glove. Your glove gives you amazing powers like Telekinesis, Electricity, and Freezing. You can also combine these powers with either melee or ranged weapons.

In the game, you play as Agent P-3 alongside your glove, Charles. The glove is an intelligent AI embedded in P-3. Both of you must set out to help a facility by stopping the robots that massacred the humans.

However, Agent P-3 has memory problems that grow into a larger problem. The story also includes a grand-scale mystery that could determine the fate of the world. That’s all we can tell you without spoiling too much of the game. If you want to know more, you’ll have to play it.

The only major issue in the game is Agent P-3’s foul mouth. Although the game expresses mature themes, it begins to get irritating at how much the character curses. His voice lines also acknowledge the exhausting level designs, complaining about everything.

If only the game explored or given more context to the underground chambers. It felt like a missed opportunity to only occasionally go there.

The Rise in Popularity

Image of the Twins from Atomic Heart

One of the reasons why Atomic Heart rapidly became popular is because of The Twins. These Twins are advanced humanoid robots who act as bodyguards and personal assistants. Once you start playing the game, you’ll have plenty of chances to meet them.

Overall, Atomic Heart is a game you must try when you get the chance. It has a specific appeal to alternate-history enthusiasts who enjoy a world of mystery and intrigue. The title also appeals to puzzle enjoyers as the game draws inspiration from Half-Life and the Portal franchise.

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