All You Need to Know About Valorant Agent Gekko

All You Need to Know About Valorant Agent Gekko

    Last Updated on March 9, 2023

Now that we know more about Valorant Agent Gekko after the trailers and gameplay reveal at the VCT//LOCK IN show match, he is no longer a mystery. 

The agent hails from Los Angeles and he will be the game’s sixth initiator and 22nd agent. Act 2 of Episode 6 started on March 7, 2023, and patch 6.04 will add Gekko as a playable character to Valorant. 

Gekko is the first agent added to the game for this episode and the first since Harbor’s debut back in October. Later in 2023, after Gekko, another agent, a Sentinel, will be added. 

The year will end with a third agent, whose role was not yet revealed, near the end of the year.

Lore About Valorant Agent Gekko

Gekko is the third American character in the game and is from the East Los Angeles area of Mexican-Americans. 

His affinity for skateboards and hoops as well as his use of social media to create reels of himself are all strong indications. It shows how much American culture influenced his sense of style. 

According to the teasers and teaser videos, the Mexican agent Reyna, with whom the character may converse in both Spanish and English, has enlisted Gekko in the Valorant Protocol. 

Also, it appears that Gekko is familiar with Neon. Moreover, he is sometimes related to Jett and Brimstone, whom he nicknames “Beard Papi,” in several pictures.

Valorant Agent Gekko Abilities

Image of Valorant Agent Gekko Abilities

Valorant Agent Gekko Abilities are more creative and unique than the other agents. Gekko has buddies that can help him out on his duels. He calls his buddies Dizzy, Wingman, Mosh, and Thrash.

All of his abilities rely on his four buddies, and each of them has a different function. Even more, his buddies are the cutest and the most adorable gooey little creatures. It is undoubtedly a shame that you have to shoot one of them.

Here is a breakdown of all of Gekko’s abilities.

Dizzy (E) – Ability

FIRE to send Dizzy forward into the air. Dizzy charges up and sends out beams at enemies in their line of sight. Dizzy blinds an enemy when they hit them.

When Dizzy Expires, they turn into a glob that you can pick up. Once you pick the buddy up, you can use them again after a short cooldown.

Wingman (Q) – Ability

FIRE to send Wingman forward looking for enemies. If Wingman finds an enemy, Wingman fires a concussive blast in a triangular shape to the first enemy seen.

ALT FIRE when looking at Site or Planted Spike to Plant (You must have the spike) or Defuse the Spike. Others can destroy Wingman while planting or defusing the spike. 

When Wingman Expires, he turns into a glob that you can pick up. You can also use Wingman again after a short cooldown.

Thrash (X) – Ultimate

FIRE to control & link with Thrash to steer her. FIRE while in the Ultimate to lunge forward and explode, detaining any enemies within their radius.

When Thrash Expires, she turns into a glob that you can pick up. You can use her again after a short cooldown. However, you can only reclaim Thrash ONCE.

Start playing Valorant Agent Gekko once you have updated your game to patch 6.04. If you liked this article, check out more on the website. You can also follow us on social media to stay updated with the latest esports and gaming news.

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