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All There Is To Know About Triangle Strategy New Game Plus

All There Is To Know About Triangle Strategy New Game Plus

    Last Updated on October 4, 2023

If you’re a fan of tactical RPGs like Triangle Strategy, you’re likely familiar with the thrill of uncovering multiple story paths and endings. The good folks at Square Enix have crafted a game that pays homage to classics like Tactics Ogre, offering players the chance to shape their narrative. Additionally, there is a Triangle Strategy new game plus if you’re feeling up to it.

With four different ending routes to explore, the choices you make during your playthroughs can significantly impact the story. But fear not, for there’s a handy feature called New Game Plus that can make your subsequent journeys through the game even more exciting.


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Understanding Triangle Strategy New Game Plus

New Game Plus, a concept as old as the beloved Chrono Trigger from 1995, rewards players for completing different story paths. It’s a mechanic that encourages players to replay the game to discover unseen endings without feeling overwhelmed. But what exactly carries over into New Game Plus in Triangle Strategy?

What Carries Over in New Game Plus

  1. Acquired Units: One of the benefits of New Game Plus is that all the units you’ve acquired in previous playthroughs stick around. This allows you to train allies you may have overlooked or discarded earlier in the game. It might not make complete sense story-wise, but it’s a welcome gameplay feature.
  2. Character Levels: Surprisingly, character levels carry over as well. If you followed recommended levels in your first playthrough, you’ll begin your New Game Plus adventure with characters in the low thirties. It’s a nice way to ensure that your heroes are already formidable.
  3. Notes and Information: All the notes and information you’ve gathered during your previous explorations remain intact. This saves you from having to hunt down every piece of lore again and can occasionally provide you with an advantage in challenging dialogue choices.
  4. Inventory Items: Perhaps the most significant advantage of New Game Plus is the retention of your inventory items. Stat-boosting rings, in particular, can give you a substantial advantage over your foes early in the game. These items become even more crucial as the game scales up the challenge on subsequent playthroughs.
  5. Summary of Previous Playthrough: You can also access a summary of your previous playthrough, though it appears to cover only the most recent one. If you aim to achieve all four endings using the same core file, you’ll only see the details of the third ending by the end.


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Changes in New Game Plus

While New Game Plus offers many advantages, it’s not all smooth sailing. Some elements become more challenging:

  1. Harder Mock Battles: In New Game Plus, you can engage in harder mental mock battles. These battles are designed to test your tactical prowess, and they can be particularly brutal if you’re not adequately prepared.
  2. Enhanced Enemies: Serenoa’s foes are made of sturdier stuff in New Game Plus. Expect tougher encounters and more challenging battles as you progress through the game again.
  3. Conviction Points and Dialogue Choices: One impressive feature of New Game Plus is the ability to view the Conviction points (Morality, Utility, Liberty) each dialogue choice grants. This, combined with the chance to see the Conviction score requirements for units you’ve not yet recruited, allows you to navigate the game’s conversation mechanics with precision, ensuring you can achieve the ending you desire.

Strategies for Maximizing New Game Plus

To make the most of New Game Plus in Triangle Strategy, consider these strategies:

  • Plan Your Character Builds: Knowing that character levels and inventory items carry over, plan your character builds strategically. Equip your units with the best gear and level them up efficiently in your initial playthrough.
  • Experiment with Dialogue Choices: With Conviction points and requirements visible, use this information to experiment with different dialogue choices to achieve specific endings.
  • Prepare for Harder Battles: Be ready for tougher battles by honing your tactical skills and refining your strategy.
  • Explore All Endings: Since New Game Plus allows you to retain progress, make sure to explore all four endings to get the most out of Triangle Strategy.

In conclusion, New Game Plus in Triangle Strategy offers an exciting opportunity to explore different story paths and endings while retaining valuable progress from previous playthroughs. Whether you’re a seasoned tactician or a newcomer to the genre, New Game Plus adds depth and replayability to this captivating SRPG.

With these tips and insights, you’re now well-equipped to dive back into the world of Triangle Strategy and uncover all the secrets it holds. So, grab your sword and strategy guide, and embark on your epic journey once again.

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