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All Confirmed Final Fantasy 16 Eikons

All Confirmed Final Fantasy 16 Eikons

    Last Updated on June 8, 2023

Final Fantasy games just wouldn’t be Final Fantasy without at least including the series’ iconic summons. These usually gargantuan mythical creatures have been a staple of the legendary franchise that fans now expect them to be an integral part of the story or gameplay of each upcoming FF title. And to the credit of Square Enix, they mostly hit it out of the park with them. These Final Fantasy summons go by different names from one FF game to the next. In the upcoming Final Fantasy 16, they are called Eikons. In this article, we will be enumerating all the confirmed Final Fantasy 16 Eikons set to make an appearance in the game.

What Are Final Fantasy 16 Eikons?

Before detailing every confirmed Final Fantasy 16 Eikons, let us first recall what they are. What is an Eikon in the first place? In the world of Final Fantasy 16, Valisthea, there are several realms that thrived thanks to the mystical powers the Mothercrystals provide. One such is blessing some Valistheans with the power to control Eikons. These Eikons are powerful legendary creatures that can obliterate battlefields with just a single attack. They command various elements, such as fire, ice, and lightning.

The people blessed with the power of these Eikons are called Dominants. Not only can they harness the immense power of the Eikons within them to release strong elemental attacks, but they can also surrender their bodies for a while to transform into the Eikons themselves. All these combined, make Dominants a sought-after resource all across the realms of Valisthea. Even more so because of the current conflict raging across the lands to gain control of the Mothercrystals.

Gameplay-wise, Eikons are a central element of the game’s battle mechanics. Clive, the game’s main character, can use the powers of Eikons bestowed upon him. And mysteriously, he can seemingly control several Eikons at once. How he does it, however, is still a mystery as the game hasn’t even come out yet at the moment of writing.

And with that out of the way, let us begin detailing every Final Fantasy 16 Eikons set to make an appearance in the highly-anticipated game.

Confirmed Final Fantasy 16 Eikons


Ifrit Eikon

The main Eikon of the game’s main character, Clive Rosfield. Although Ifrit is famous to series veterans as the gateway summon, always appearing early in the game and always the first one the characters will get as a summon, it seems that Final Fantasy 16 is finally giving this fiery demon the respect it deserves. Looking at the gameplay trailers and the game’s marketing itself, it’s as if Ifrit is set to have the leading role for the Eikons in Final Fantasy 16. 

That said, it’s as if the game is preparing a major twist revolving around this iconic creature as it is heavily implied that there might be two Ifrits walking on Valisthea. One resides inside Clive as its Dominant, while the other, darker and more ruthless Ifrit belongs to a mysterious figure. Nevertheless, we believe this mystery will play a huge role in the game’s overall plot.


Phoenix Eikon

Phoenix is a fire-elemental Eikon whose Dominant is Joshua Rosfield. It is one of the summons that appears in the reveal trailer for Final Fantasy XVI. Phoenix is a large, bird-like creature with bright red feathers and a long, flowing tail. It has a powerful fire breath attack that can incinerate enemies, as well as the ability to revive fallen allies.

Joshua Rosfield, on the other hand, is the young prince of Rosaria and the Dominant of Phoenix. He is a kind and gentle soul and the younger brother of the protagonist, Clive Rosfield. but Furthermore, he is also capable of great power when he channels the might of Phoenix. Joshua’s connection to Phoenix is a source of great strength for him, and it will be essential to his quest to save the realm of Dalmasca from the forces of darkness.


Shiva Eikon

Shiva, the series’ favorite icy woman of immense power, also makes an appearance in Final Fantasy 16. In fact, Shiva is so popular among FF fans that it would feel sacrilegious not to include her in some capacity. Well, lucky for us, she seems to be an integral part of the game’s story. Shiva, the ice Eikon, resides inside Clive’s adopted sister Jill Warrick. 

While at first, it’s as if Jill will remain as an innocent gal ready to support the main characters outside battle, it is later revealed that she is actually the Dominant of Shiva. Worse yet, she will be on the enemy lines! Nevertheless, Clive will set her free from the clutches of the opposition and will be a great asset in future battles.


Ramuh Eikon

Much like summons, Final Fantasy games just aren’t complete anymore without a character who goes by the name Cid. Final Fantasy 16’s version of Cid is Cidolfus Telamon, the Dominant of lightning Eikon Ramuh. That said, while most previous FF games relegated the Cid character to the back lines as a genius mechanic, Cidolfus will be a front-line fighter in this game. 

In fact, he will serve as Clive’s mentor figure at least for the first half of the game. Although not much is known about his personal life or true motivations, it is clear that he can handle his Eikon better than most Dominants in the game.



Garuda, Warden of the Wind, belongs to Benedikta Harman, an enemy of Cidolfus and Clive. Much like heavy winds, she will be a frequent troublesome factor on the side of our heroes. Gameplay trailers show Benedikta having a great grasp on her Eikon, serving as a formidable foe to both Ifrit and Ramuh’s Dominants. Notably, Benedikta works as an elite intelligencer for the Waloed Kingdom. That said, her true allegiance remains a mystery.



Hugo Kupka, the stoic and formidable advisor of the Dhalmekian Republic is the Dominant of Eikon Titan. Fitting, to be honest. Unlike Benedikta, Hugo’s allegiance is concrete. He is ready to give everything to the Dhalmekians. Hugo’s motivations are more straightforward than most characters in the story. He just wants to serve his nation and protect it with all his might. Notably, it’s as if Titan has another version of itself as well called Titan Lost. However, like Ifrit, its origins remain a mystery as well. 


Final Fantasy 16 Odin

The Eikon Odin resides inside the king of Waloed himself, Barnabas Tharmr. People fear Barnabas for a reason. Not only does he command the Eikon of Darkness, but he has also conquered one of the regions of Valisthea before, Ash. He did this by controlling beastmen who lived in the region, effectively bending them to his will. What’s more concerning is that Barnabas really enjoys conflict. He is always ready to take Odin to the battlefield and wail at anyone who stands in his way without mercy.


Final Fantasy 16 Bahamut

The Eikon Bahamut is found in the Holy Empire of Sanrbreque. The Eikon king of dragons has the crown prince of the holy empire itself, Dion Lesage, as its Dominant. And if you know anything about Bahamut, you’d already know by now that he is a force to be reckoned with. Although there is still no confirmation that Bahamut will indeed be stronger than most Eikons in the game, it is safe to assume that is the case because of his appearances in previous FF games.


Final Fantasy 16 Typhon

Typhon is an Eikon, or summoned creature, in Final Fantasy XVI. It is a large, humanoid torso with long, muscular limbs and ghostly movements. Rumors say that Typhon is the Dominant of the Kingdom of Waloed, but its true identity is unknown. Typhon first appears in the game’s Eikon Battle trailer, where it is fighting against Ifrit, the Eikon of Fire. The two Eikons clash in a powerful battle, and Typhon eventually goes down.

Typhon’s appearance in Final Fantasy XVI is a departure from its previous appearances in the series. In previous games, Typhon was a large, winged serpent. Its new design is more humanoid, reminiscent of the Greek god of fire, Hephaestus.

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