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All Classes from A Realm Reborn Ranked – Worst to Best

All Classes from A Realm Reborn Ranked – Worst to Best

    Last Updated on June 17, 2023

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn offers a wide variety of classes for players to choose from, each with its own unique playstyle and abilities. While some classes are more beginner-friendly than others, all of them can be viable in endgame content with the right amount of practice and skill. In this article, we aim to rank all classes featured in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn from worst to best. 

Take note that this article serves as our personal take. It does not intend to disrespect your favorite MMORPG character class or talk heavily about your least favorite. This is simply what we think the ranking should be. Furthermore, we also intertwined the basic classes with their expertise. This is to give you a general view of all the possible classes to play within the game. With that out of the way, let us begin.


A Realm Reborn Arcanist

The arcanist is a versatile class capable of fulfilling the roles of both a healer (scholar) and a damage dealer (summoner). However, it doesn’t excel in either role and can be challenging to master. Despite this, the arcanist provides a convenient option for players who wish to explore both roles without having to level up separate classes. It’s important to note that the arcanist requires skill and experience to be effective in either role.


Best Final Fantasy XIV Class Gladiator

The gladiator is a tank class that offers a slow and cumbersome playstyle. It falls short in terms of survivability when compared to other tank classes. This makes it a challenging choice for inexperienced players. However, the gladiator serves as an excellent introductory option for those seeking to grasp the fundamentals of tanking.


A Realm Reborn Marauder

Similar to the gladiator in terms of playstyle, the marauder is a tank class. However, it boasts a slightly higher damage output, making it a marginally better choice for beginners. The marauder also appeals to players who prefer a more aggressive approach to tanking, which A Realm Reborn is abundant in.


A Realm Reborn Pugilist

The pugilist is an agile damage-dealer class known for its speed. However, it has a low health pool and requires caution to avoid being easily overwhelmed. If played with care, the pugilist is an ideal selection for players seeking a mobile damage-dealing role.



The lancer shares a similar playstyle with the pugilist as a damage-dealer class. Nonetheless, it offers slightly higher damage output and improved survivability, which makes it a slightly superior choice for novice players. The lancer is also an excellent fit for those who prefer a more traditional damage-dealing role.


A Realm Reborn Archer

The archer is a ranged damage-dealer class with exceptional mobility. It shines when players want to fulfill a supportive role in dungeons and raids. Not only does the archer provide crowd control and healing abilities, but it also exhibits versatility for solo and group content.



The thaumaturge is a ranged damage-dealer class specializing in crowd control abilities. It is an excellent choice for players who seek a strategic role in dungeons and raids. With potent damage-dealing capabilities, the thaumaturge stands as a formidable force in both solo and group content in A Realm Reborn.



In terms of playstyle, the summoner shares similarities with the thaumaturge as a damage-dealer class. However, the summoner surpasses it slightly in terms of damage output and crowd control abilities, making it a slightly more favorable option for beginners. Additionally, the summoner possesses the ability to summon a powerful pet, enhancing its damage output and enabling the pet to divert enemy attention.



The scholar is a healer class that mirrors the playstyle of the arcanist. Nevertheless, it offers a slightly higher healing output and improved crowd control abilities, making it a slightly more advantageous choice for inexperienced players. Furthermore, the scholar can summon a potent fairy companion, enhancing their healing abilities and granting the fairy the capacity to damage enemies.

White Mage

Conjurer/White Mage

The white mage stands as the game’s most potent and versatile healer. It excels in a support role during dungeons and raids, providing unmatched healing capabilities. The white mage possesses the capacity to heal allies, deal damage, and exercise crowd control abilities. All these combined make it a formidable class for both solo and group content. While it may indeed be controversial for some to put a healer class at the top of any ranking of this kind, we sincerely believe that the white mage of A Realm Reborn is the best it has to offer. 


Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn offers players a diverse range of character classes. Not only do they differ in aesthetic and overall look, but they also serve various playstyles that may pair up well with you or not. Whether you prefer tanking, dealing damage, or supporting your allies, there is a class to suit your preferred role. Experimenting with different classes and finding the one that resonates with your playstyle can be a rewarding journey in the rich and expansive world of Eorzea. 

With that said, let this ranking be a guide as you try and select the character class that works best with your preferences and personal play style. Again, this article does not intend to discourage you from picking the class that you really want. This only serves to give you a brief overview for each class so that you’d know what you are getting yourself into when picking such.

So, do you agree with our take? Which Square Enix Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn class did you roll with? Which is your most and least favorite? Share your thoughts using the comments section below!

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