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Albion Online: Why You Should Start Playing

Albion Online: Why You Should Start Playing

    Last Updated on March 23, 2023

Albion Online is starting to grow in popularity once more, and there are tons of reasons to play. Since its release in 2017, Albion has made a name for itself as an MMORPG. However, there might be a few reasons why it lost some players a while back.

Personally, Sandbox MMORPGs tend to bite you in the back if it also includes a PvP system. After all, veteran players tend to prey on the weak with player-versus-player systems. Yet, the game still appeals to thousands of players worldwide.

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What is Albion Online?

Image of Albion Online Art

Albion Online is a free-to-play, online sandbox MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive. The developers set you in a medieval world of Arthurian legends involving a military strategy aesthetic.

During the beta development, players could buy a Founder’s Pack to join the closed beta tests. Sandbox would run these play tests after intervals of a few months. Once the developers released the game, the Founder’s Pack was no longer available.

The game also removed its free-to-play model for multiple reasons on December 30, 2015. During this period, players could also buy premium memberships for a limited time or Starter Packs.

However, the game returned to its free-to-play model on April 10, 2019. Yet, players could still buy premium with the in-game currency.

Albion’s graphics and art style are also appealing features of the game. It has a simple aesthetic that works for an isometric MMORPG. After all, it plays great on different platforms, like a high-end PC or a standard smartphone.

The Classless System

Albion Online focuses heavily on its classless system, unlike other RPGs. Any player can choose their equipment to define their abilities and gameplay. It is also for this exact reason that it appeals to thousands of players online. After all, you can do anything and become anyone.

Once you start playing, you need to earn Fame. Fame is somewhat similar to experience points, and you can use it to gain access. The more Fame you have, the more access you’ll get to better weapons and armor types.

After all, you need stronger gear to progress further into the game. Albion also has a large open-world map for you to explore. However, be wary of PvP zones. Although these areas grant better loot and Fame, there’s a chance that you could lose everything.

Albion is a game where you constantly have to grind. Once you start playing, it’s a routine of logging in, gaining Fame, and acquiring better loot. It’s also why the PvP in Albion is a major threat to rookie players with starting equipment.

After all, you will lose all of your loot if you die in Albion Online. This point also leads to one of the better experiences in the game— the crafting system.

Albion Online’s Crafting Experience

The game has a fully player-driven economy wherein players can craft equipment and items. It’s also one of the in-depth and complex aspects of the game. After all, you can create literally anything you want and sell it to other players. 

It also means that you need to grind for materials consistently. Albion Online doesn’t have a guidance system to help you with crafting. You must commit to the path you set on and the game itself to create the items you want.

After all, you need to gather and process these materials to start crafting. Yet, this type of dedication to the game urges more and more players to start their Albion journey. Undoubtedly, the game pushes players to their limits. However, some players prefer the easy way.

Albion Online PvP and PvE Systems

Now, we would like to point out that we don’t discriminate against PvP players. If you can find a way to get what you want easier, we’re all for it. After all, you lose all your loot in Albion Online if you die.

The way the system works also makes you question your morals. A good example would be waiting for a group of players to finish a boss fight. Would you wait for the boss to respawn? Or would you take advantage of the weakened players and collect the loot yourself?

The PvE system makes you acquire materials and loot by fighting numerous bosses or mobs. However, there are PvP zones, making it a bit more challenging to make it safely home.

After all, Albion Online does not guide you after the tutorial. You are on your own and must figure out how to survive. There are no streamlined quests to help you progress forward in the game.

What this also creates is an endless cycle of veterans preying on rookies. However, that is also the purpose of numerous guides in the community. After all, the community is what keeps driving Albion Online forward.

Overall, the game is a challenge that appeals to a specific group of players. If you’re up to taking on that challenge, you should start playing with your friends. After all, the community is what keeps driving Albion Online forward.

Is Albion Online Pay-To-Win & Crossplay?

Although you can buy better equipment with the in-game currency, Albion Online is not pay-to-win. Albion calls the in-game currency Gold and Silver, which you can purchase with real-world money. However, you can easily earn the currency by grinding and finishing quests early in the game.

Albion also has a crossplay feature with Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android systems. You can boot up the PC and play with your friends on whatever platform you want. Yet, the most appealing factor is that you can switch to a different platform on the fly.

You don’t have to worry about losing all your data because of using a different platform. Just switch over to your phone and play Albion Online on the go. Overall, the game is a challenge that appeals to a specific group of players. If you’re up to taking on that challenge, you should start playing with your friends.

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